4 Garage Door Hacks to Keep Your Home Secure

Your Gilbert garage door is a big entry point into your home. Some burglars will just wait for the door to be left open carelessly to sneak inside. Others will just bypass the door’s security as a means of gaining entry. Many people leave the door leading from their home to their garage open since they think of the garage door as their security, so this makes it easy for the burglar to get inside once bypassing the garage door. But even if that interior door is locked, it’s easy for a burglar to break through it under cover of the garage. 

You need to take steps to secure your garage door and your home. Here are four things you can do to keep your home secure: 

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Keep Your Opener Out of Sight

Most people keep their garage door opener in Mesa right on their visor or their dashboard in their vehicle. That’s where it’s easiest to access when leaving or entering your home. Unfortunately, that’s also where it’s easy for burglars to see. 

It’s quite easy for a burglar to smash your side window and get into your vehicle. When that happens, they can also grab your opener and gain easy access to your house. Just stay safe and stow your Mesa garage door opener in a glove box or other compartment when you’re not in the vehicle. 

Change Your Door Opener Codes Frequently

Your garage door opener in Gilbert communicates with the remote by codes. If a burglar can figure out the code associated with your opener, it can be used to get into your home. Don’t let someone hack your system and gain easy entry into your home.

Change the codes on your door opener at least every few months. Or use the rolling-code technology on your door opener if it is included. That will change the access code after each use. That will automate the process for you and ensure that your home is kept safe. 

Install a Side Lock

You can install a side lock on your Gilbert garage door that will secure it if you are going to be away from home for longer periods of time. The lock is installed inside your garage, so it cannot be manually opened from outside your home. It is also a manual lock, so it cannot be opened or hacked electronically. 

You can also lock the side lock during the day if you are willing to take the extra step. Most burglaries occur during working hours, so it’s worth taking this extra precaution. 

Repair Damage Quickly

Damage to your Mesa garage door can do more than threaten the health of your property. It can also create a security weakness. 

Routinely check in on elements like the weather stripping, safety sensors, pulleys, hinges, springs, door tracks, and garage door balance to make sure they are in good condition. Make any needed garage door repairs in Mesa as quickly as possible. You’ll ensure that your door is safe and that it is more secure. 

Take care of your garage door. It is a critical component of your home, affecting everything from energy efficiency to pest control to security. With a healthy garage door, you can ensure that both your family and your home are safe – not only from injury from a failing garage door but also from would-be burglars that would exploit your garage door to get inside your home. Take these steps to increase your garage door’s security, and call a same day garage door service  as soon as you notice signs of trouble. Keep up with routine maintenance and make repairs quickly. 

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