4 Hacks to Get Your Garage Door Unstuck

Have you ever been in a rush to get out the door to school or work in the morning, only to find that your garage door won’t open? There’s nothing quite like that feeling of helpless frustration when your garage door is stuck, meaning your vehicle and only mode of transportation is also stuck inside. Hopefully you will have a temporary solution such as an available friend to give you a ride, but in the long-term you will need to have an available same-day Gilbert repair service at your fingertips in order to fix the issue quickly and efficiently. Here we offer a few simple quick checks for you to perform if and when your garage door unfortunately gets stuck, to get you through until a same-day repair expert can come take a look.

Garage Door

Is it icy?

More often than not, when a garage door gets stuck shut and refuses to open, it is because ice has built up in the tracks or piled up at the bottom of the door. This frequently happens when snow is shoveled or plowed in a driveway since it tends to pile up and freeze together up against the bottom edge of the garage door. Generally, if this is the problem, the quick fix is to chip away the ice buildup with a shovel, or pour a pitcher of hot water along the base of the door to melt away the ice. Same Day Garage Door Service on Gilbert will likely ask if you have tried this solution yet, before charging you for a home visit to check out your stuck garage door.

How is your battery life?

Just like the common saying, “When you hear hooves, check for horses, not zebras,” it is a good idea to check the batteries in your garage door openers before assuming the worst and calling a same-day repair service. It would likely surprise you how often a dead remote battery is the root of the issue, as opposed to something bigger that would require a hefty repair charge. There are many types of garage remote batteries, but they can typically all be found at any hardware store or garage door retailer. The professionals at Same Day Garage Door Services in Gilbert would be happy to assist you through the process of checking remote batteries over the phone.

Can the door be opened manually?

You may not be aware that a garage door can actually be opened manually. We are all so used to electricity these days that we sometimes forget things can be done by hand. Every garage door has a red rope hanging from it that allows you to pull it open and closed without using electricity. If the door opens or closes this way, it is likely that your issue is with the electrical circuit. Make certain that the unit is still plugged into the garage ceiling, and also check that the breaker has not been blown. These can easily happen just from daily wear and tear, so it is worth the effort to try these solutions on your own before turning to a Gilbert Garage Door Repair Service.

Are the tracks clear?

Lastly, make sure the tracks and the motion sensor have clear pathways. Sometimes, bugs or other debris can become lodged in the tracks, causing it to become misaligned or jostled out of place. If your garage is full of storage items, something may have slipped into the pathway of the motion sensor at the bottom of the door tracks, causing it to be stuck open for safety’s sake. If there is no debris in the tracks or anything in the sensor pathway, it is worth running your hand along the tracks to check for any bent areas. A wooden block and hammer are an easy solution to smooth the tracks out and keep things moving. Some WD40 or grease on the tracks will help keep the door running smoothly as well.

Garage doors can become stuck for a variety of reasons. Keep these quick fixes in mind to check on your own before calling in a professional Gilbert garage door service. Our trained experts at Same Day Garage Door Services are more than happy to assist you over the phone with any of these simple steps. If the issue appears to be something more substantial, we will promptly travel to your home (usually on the same day!) to repair your broken garage door.

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