5 Surprising Reasons You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

You probably don’t think much about your garage door opener unless it stops working. You tend to replace it only when it’s broken. Otherwise, it probably just seems like a simple tool that doesn’t do much except open your garage door when you need it.

However, your garage door opener influences a lot more than that, and you may need to replace it even if it is still working. Here are five surprising reasons you may need to have a top rated Gilbert garage door repair company replace your garage door opener:

Garage Door Openers

Reduce Noise

Older garage door openers can get the job done, but they often create a lot of noise. The motor is loud, and they don’t have a smooth mechanism, so the door likely rattles. These openers also have a chain drive or steel cable system that makes a lot of noise on opening and closing the door.

Modern garage door openers have a smoother mechanism that is much quieter. The opener has a quiet motor, and it is attached to rubber belts instead of metal, creating a quieter system overall.

You’ve Had Too Many Power Outages

Power outages aren’t just a nuisance. They can also wreak havoc on your electronics, including your garage door opener. The power outages can drain the opener and shorten its lifespan. Newer garage door openers have built-in protection against power surges and outages, and they come with a back-up battery so that you don’t lose access to your garage when you lose power.

Make It Smarter

So many devices are available now to make our homes “smarter.” You can turn on your lights from your phone, set your thermostat from your office so that your house is warm when you arrive, or set a timer for your coffee maker so that you have a fresh pot in the morning.

You can also get a smart garage door opener that you can control from your phone, tablet, or computer. If you feel like you left the garage door open, just check your device and close the door from wherever you are. You can also use smart garage door openers to provide access to your home when you are away, such as if a delivery arrives that you want to keep secure.

Improve Safety

It’s not something you want to think about – and it’s not something that happens often – but your garage door can fall. When it does, it can crush anything that’s under it, including your pets or children. If your garage door opener is nearing the end of its life or is malfunctioning, this is exactly what can happen. You need to have your garage door opener maintained to prevent malfunctions that can result in injury, and you need to replace it before it reaches the end of its life.

Keep Out Intruders

Older garage door openers are easy to break into, even if they have “advanced” technology for the time they were produced. Unfortunately, robbers have developed the tools to bypass these old garage door openers, giving them an easy way into your house.

If you have an older garage door opener, you definitely need to replace it. But even if you have a newer model, you may want to check out its specs and then consider upgrading to something with more advanced security. You don’t want to give robbers any chance to get inside your home and take your belongings or harm your family.

Your garage door opener plays an essential role to the health of your garage door, your home, and your family. Make sure you are keeping it in good shape with proper maintenance and timely repairs, and make sure you are replacing it on a timely schedule. You should work closely with a garage door repair professional to ensure that you are staying on schedule and to get tailored advice for your home and your garage door.

Same Day Garage Door Services in Arizona can help you keep your garage door and opener in top shape. We offer speedy maintenance and repair of all your garage door components. If you need to replace your door or opener, we can also help you with that. Our trusted professionals have an established relationship for excellent service and workmanship. Call us today to learn more about our services or to make an appointment.

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