Do I Need a Garage Door Inspection? 

How Important Is It To Inspect My Garage Door?

An annual inspection is recommended for a number of items in your home, including your roof, your plumbing system, and your heating and air conditioning. One item you might not realize needs to be inspected every year is your garage door. The garage door weighs hundreds of pounds, and if it malfunctions, it poses a serious threat to your physical safety and to your property. 

It’s important that you call a garage repair service in Gilbert to inspect your garage door once a year to make sure that all the parts are working properly and that the door is in good health. Here are some of the things that your garage door repair service will check: 

Do I Need a Garage Door Inspection?

Confirm That It’s Operating Properly

The first thing your garage door repair technician is likely to do is open and close the garage door to make sure it is working properly. The technician will note any signs that the door is struggling in the tracks, such as bumping along, stopping, or moving slowly. 

If the technician notes any signs of trouble, he will inspect the issue more closely to find out what’s causing the problem, and will recommend the appropriate repairs.

Listen for Strange Noises

Even if the garage door appears to be moving nicely in its tracks, there could be other problems that are only indicated by the presence of strange noises. For example, there could be a problem with the garage door opener, and it could make whirring, whining, or other noises as a result. 

Your garage door repair technician will take note of any strange noises, if they are present, and will investigate their source. The origin of a strange noise could be as simple as a spring that needs oiling, or it could be the sign of a much bigger problem. 

Check the Sensors

Garage door sensors play an important safety role. They detect anything that might be in the line of the garage door and then prevent it from closing. They help to prevent the garage door closing on your vehicle or on a small child or pet. 

Your technician will inspect the sensors to make sure that they are clean and are working properly to continue protecting everyone’s safety. 

Check the Springs

Garage door springs also play an important safety role, as well as an important operational role. The springs can get dried out, or they can get rusted or corroded. Your garage door service technician will check the springs to see if they need to be oiled or to see if they have any damage that requires replacing them. 

Check the Batteries

The garage door opener should be working properly and should have batteries that are in good health. Your garage door inspection will also include an inspection of the opener to ensure that all its components are working properly. The technician will also check the batteries in all the remotes and ensure that the opener and the remotes are communicating properly. 

With an annual garage door inspection, you can be sure that your garage door is in good health and will continue offering you safe and reliable performance for years to come. You can make fast garage door repair, as well, rather than getting surprised by some catastrophic problem that causes damage or injures someone. You can get out ahead of any issues, and you can monitor the overall health of your door so that you can invest in a new garage door installation proactively, rather than waiting until a big problem leads to an emergency replacement. 

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