Foolproof Qualities to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Service


Your Garage door is without a doubt one of the most important features of your home.

It is used multiple times on a daily basis to move your vehicles, tools, bicycles, or other important things in and out of your home. The garage door is also one of those things we often take for granted.

We generally do not even realize its great importance until it starts squeaking, not closing completely, or just suddenly stops working.

garage door repair service


There’s A Lot To Consider!

Are you building a new home and in need of a local garage door installation company?

Or is your current door giving you trouble, and you simply have no clue how to even begin fixing it? Whatever the situation, you are certainly in need of reliable garage door services in the Phoenix Valley.

A quick do-it-yourself solution will likely not solve the issue long-term, and it is critical for your garage door to be in working order. Without a reliable garage door, you are giving open access to thieves and unwanted pests to your home and belongings.

In addition, if you cannot rely on your door to open when needed, you may be late for work one day or not be able to drive somewhere in an emergency situation. Not only is this inconvenient, but it is putting the security and well-being of your family at risk.

When searching for a trusted local garage door repair, it is imperative to do your research and select a top-rated company, rather than just choosing the first one that appears in alphabetical order in a Google search.

There are multiple elements to be weighed in your search, and you must decide which are the most important to you for your garage repair.

Here we discuss several factors to consider when searching for the most trustworthy and efficient garage door company.


Experience Level

One of the biggest determinants of a company’s work is their experience and expertise. How many years are under their belt?

What kinds of garage doors have they installed and repaired?

It is worth asking how long they have been in business and how knowledgeable they are about various components of garage doors styles. Find out if they are willing to continue their education to keep up to date on the latest garage technologies and tools.

Are they accredited or backed by garage door organizations? What do their ratings and reviews look like?

Even if they are a younger company, excellent ratings and positive reviews from previous clients are important to a company’s reputation and one of the best ways to get the inside scoop on a company’s service.


Work Quality

When searching for a garage door repair and installation service, you will certainly want someone who takes their time to do the job right the first time.

Are they confident in their services without being cocky? Are the employees you speak with in your initial phone call competent or unapproachable?

The manner in which they carry themselves and speak with you and other clients speaks volumes as to their dependability and thoroughness on the job.


Insurance and Warranty Coverage

Since you will be making a large investment into your garage door, you want to be certain that you will receive quality work and professional service from insured employees.

If the garage door repair company you choose has not taken the steps to insure their employees to guarantee their safety and yours, find a different company! You want to have assurance that if an accident occurs during installation or something goes wrong down the road, that the company will follow up and take responsibility for the issue.

Find out what kind of warranties they offer and know what will be covered if a problem occurs. Make certain they are taking good care of their employees as well as their clients.


Business Compliance

It is important to know if the company you choose is licensed and insured in their work. If they have not taken the time to complete those critical steps as a business, it is likely they will also skip steps when they do your garage door installation or repair.

Do they comply with business codes and regulations? Have they passed all the safety standards and certifications?

Their willingness to do so is a big indicator toward the services they will perform for you.



Another important aspect of choosing a same day garage door repair service is their accessibility to you. Are they located nearby in your city, or a few hours away?

If they are not local to you, it would be unreasonable to expect immediate services.

Some garage door companies are likely not even willing to service any clients outside of a certain range, in order to be able to fulfill their promise of same-day services. Look for a trustworthy company that will be able to provide quick solutions for you when necessary, or is happy to recommend another reliable company local to your area.


Financial Integrity

When searching for a garage door company near you, take note of the fees and costs that are quoted to you. Are they straightforward when estimating your repair costs, or do you keep finding hidden fees that were not originally disclosed?

Though garage doors can be a pricy endeavor, you need to find a company willing to give a full and honest estimate, without trying to hide extra fees or make the quote sound cheaper than it is.

Do not be afraid to ask questions about the cost, and be aware of how they respond to you!



Lastly, find someone who is affordable for you. Though you do not want cheap, half-hearted work, you want a garage repair company that offers competitive pricing, good specials, and affordable packages.

Find someone willing to work with you because they value you as a client, not as just another way to make income.

Though it may seem overwhelming, it is truly in your best interest to take time and do research to find a reliable garage door company. Additionally, we recommend you do this before damages occur, so that when the time comes you have someone available to you immediately.

Choose which factors are your top priority and most important to you, set high standards and expectations, and don’t budge. Find someone who can meet and exceed your expectations for garage door services.



At Same Day Garage Door Services, we can promise reliable and efficient garage door installations and repairs. We are family-owned and local to Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, and the East Valley.

Not only do we guarantee customer satisfaction, but we offer free new door estimates, carry five-star ratings across the board, and provide multiple garage door services on all styles of doors. Our trustworthy company can provide proof of insurance and license, and offer several specials in order to be as affordable as possible.

We only hire employees who are knowledgeable, competent, and willing to learn, and overall we strive to be professional and friendly when working with our clients. Call us today to schedule your garage door service or receive a free estimate!

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