Garage Door Maintenance: Steps To Get Your Garage Door Ready For Winter

Tips For Winterizing Your Garage Door

As cooler temperatures arrive and winter slowly creeps upon us, it’s a good idea to prepare your garage door for the harsher weather. After all, preparation is the best way to avoid severe damage over time. Preparing your garage door for winter is necessary to keep your garage and the rest of your house in good condition for these cold months.

When winter arrives, homeowners do many things to prepare their homes for this upcoming season, including gutter cleaning and garage winterization. This procedure includes the garage door, so it’s an excellent choice to improve comfort and protect your home from moisture damage.

See how to prepare  Ahwatukee garage doors for winter in the article below. 

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How To Prepare Your Garage For Winter

Before insulating your garage door, you need to make your entire garage a winter-proof area. See how by following the steps below. 

Clear Out Your Garage

You must clean the garage thoroughly before winterizing it. Sweep debris, dirt, leaves, and bugs away. After that, clean your walls thoroughly, removing all dirt and cobwebs.

Replace The Weatherstripping

After thoroughly cleaning your garage, you can start the winterization process with the insulation. When you hear the word “insulation,” you might think of that fluffy pink stuff on your walls. However, insulation can also mean sealing any leaks that may let warm air escape during winter.

As a result, before dealing with insulation, you should inspect the weatherstripping on your garage’s doors and windows — including the garage door itself. Fix or replace any broken or cracked areas you find as well.

Weatherstripping crack holes deteriorate over time, leading to air infiltration and cold drafts. If you’ve noticed any drafts caused by broken weatherstripping, remove the old weatherstripping, scrub away any remaining sealant, and replace it.

If you don’t want to call an Apache Junction garage door repair service frequently, be sure to check the Weatherstripping during winter. 

Install Wall Insulation

After you’ve sealed all of the air leaks, you can install garage insulation in your walls, which will act as one of your garage’s protective barriers. You should use fiberglass bat insulation with a thickness that corresponds to your walls.

Insulate The Garage Door

Now that your garage is ready, it’s time to winterize your garage door!

Even if you’ve already replaced the weatherstripping on your garage door, you could lose a lot of heat if it’s not insulated. To keep your garage warm during the winter, insulate your garage door too. You can purchase many materials for that, including fiberglass, reflective barriers, and foam boards.

Once you start the process, cut the insulation carefully so it fits inside the door panels. Then, secure each piece with an adhesive. If your garage remains cold, you may want to consider replacing your existing door with a newer model.

Install A High-Quality Heater

The final step is to install a dependable garage heater. Although weatherstripping and insulation are effective at keeping cold air out, they do little to warm up the room. You’ll need an easy-to-install unit heater that doesn’t take up much space.

Contact a Chandler garage door service if you think you need extra help! 

Benefits Of Insulating My Garage Door

If you’re not sure whether winterizing your garage is worth the time and effort, consider the following advantages:

  • A warmer garage: You’ll enjoy the warmer weather that winter-proofing will provide. Even if you only use your garage to walk between your car and your front door, the walk will be much more pleasant. 
  • Garage pipe protection: If you have water pipes that run through your garage, keeping this area warm is essential for avoiding burst pipes, which can be disastrous for your plumbing.
  • Storage protection: Many homeowners use their garages for storage. By winterizing your garage, you will protect your items from water, moisture, and extreme cold.
  • Improved energy efficiency: An insulated garage door stops heat from escaping during the winter and warm air from entering during the summer. You will need less energy to heat and cool your home, so you will have lower energy costs.

Hire The Experts

If you want to prepare your garage door for any weather, contact a high-rated Gilbert garage door service like the one Same Day Garage Door Services offers! Our team is ready to help you with any problems with your garage door. Call us now to request a no-obligation quote! 



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