Garage Door Repair Scams and What to Watch Out For

Your garage door is an important part of your home. Repairing it or replacing it can be quite expensive, which means that there is a potentially lucrative business in garage door repair service. And if you can charge for repairing or replacing a garage door without actually doing the work? Even more lucrative.

Garage door repair scams are abundant. You don’t need to know about every scam that’s out there, but you do need to know how to protect yourself from a potential scam. Here are the things you can do to identify potential scams and to ensure that you are hiring a reputable garage door service and will get good service:

Research the Website

Most legitimate garage door repair services will have a website with more information about the services offered and their credenils. You can use the website to learn more about the company and to determine if you are at risk of being scammed.

To start, check out the “About Us” section on the site to learn more about where the company is physically located, how long it has been in business, and more. You should look for a physical address on this page. If there is none, that may mean that the company is routing calls to a call center. The company may not be legitimate, or it may not have an established presence in the community.

Also pay close attention to the photos used on the site. Stock photos may indicate that the business has not done enough work (or any work) to show samples of its own jobs. Stolen photos are a big red flag. If a company is using photos from another site, there is a strong likelihood that the company won’t actually be doing any work once you make payment. At any rate, stealing photos from another business is an indication of poor ethics, and that can extend to the service the company provides you.

Review Credentials

Legitimate garage door services should have their credentials listed on their website, and you should be able to confirm these credentials. Look for association memberships, which will tell you that the company is committed to professional development and service. You can then contact the association to verify membership.

You should also look for information about insurance or licensing. Call the appropriate agencies to confirm that these credentials are valid. Someone who is running a scam is less likely to go to the trouble to get insurance or licensing (if necessary).

Check Out Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can tell you a lot about a company – particularly if it is going to perform bad work or is going to rip you off. Take the time to look for reviews about the garage door service on as many sites as possible. Read the reviews closely and analyze them critically. Some unethical providers will pay people to write phony reviews. If the review sounds a little too perfect, it probably is.

Also search the company online to see if any complaints have been filed against it with agencies like the Better Business Bureau or others.

Meet In Person

You can’t get everything you need to know about a garage door service provider online. You also need to meet the person or representative. When you do, you should ask them many of the questions you were searching for online, such as what their physical address is, whether they are insured, and what other credentials they have.

Ask for a written estimate of the work to be performed – but only after the provider has had a chance to inspect the door in person. Beware of anyone who is willing to give you a price without looking at the garage door. Do not pay for the service ahead of time, and do not pay in cash. If you pay in check or credit card, you will have options to get your money back through your financial institution if you have any problems with the provider.

You may feel like this is all a lot of extra work to do to get your garage door repaired – especially if you’re used to just finding someone online or in the phone book and making the appointment. However, garage door repair and replacement can cost quite a lot of money, and taking these steps will reduce the risk that you’ll pay all that money for nothing. Taking these steps increases the chances that you will get the service you need to keep your garage door working well and your home protected.

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