Garage Door Rust: Why It Happens & How To Avoid It

Things You Can Do To Prevent Rust From Forming In Your Garage Door

Remember that guarantee of high-quality rust protection you made when you installed your new garage door? As it turns out, this is not enough to prevent rust into your door.

Rust happens when iron combines with oxygen and water to form iron oxide (rust). Sadly, rust builds up over time and makes your garage door look unsightly. As most homeowners, you may want to find the best way to avoid it. 

Calling a Ahwatukee garage door service to keep your door in good condition is crucial to prevent rust, but there are other things you can try.

Here are some things you can do to prevent rust from forming in your garage door.

Garage Door Rust in Arizona


Think about where you live for a moment. For example, people who live near water are more likely to have problems with moisture and corrosion around their houses. 

People who live close to saltwater run the danger of further harm from the extra salt. Other environmental factors to take into account are:

  • Houses with outdoor raw material storage near industrial zones
  • Garages close to the roadway where extra salt is necessary to prevent icing in the winter

These situations might seem unlikely, especially in Arizona, yet they are among the most frequent ones for which customers complain about newer doors that have rust. 

When trying to identify the problem, garage door specialists frequently enquire about these and other relevant environmental or situational reasons.

Some homeowners may be concerned about a harmless yellow/orange pollen coating in the spring. However, it is harmless. Garage door pollen from yellow and white birch trees is frequently mistaken for rust.

Take note of your environment before calling the Junction garage door service.


If your sensors are working, but the garage door is still not closing past a certain point, check the tracks to verify there are no obstructions blocking movement.

Before calling an Apache Junction garage door service, you must verify if the tracks and rollers are working. Most of the time you only need to grease them with oil to make your garage door work again.

Check your rollers and tracks to see any signs of damage. If you spot any damaged area, bend it back into place with clamps or hammer hits because it usually works. 

Inspect the upper track coming from the garage door opener too.

As we mentioned earlier, you should also lubricate them with silicone- or white-lithium-based grease. Several blocked rollers can fool a garage door opener into thinking the door is touching something.

Check The Trolley

The door’s paint and the materials used are also crucial factors in its rust resistance. Most manufacturers in the US employ a procedure that starts with a single coat of priming and is followed by a multi-stage, two-layer application of baked paint. The Association of North American Garage Door Manufacturers has tight requirements that require a zinc coating to galvanize and protect steel from corrosion. 

Imagine your garage door as having multiple layers. Steel has the best corrosion resistance because it is in the middle.

If you did not buy the garage door that came with your garage, you should find out whether it was painted by the previous homeowner or a professional business. If professionals painted the door, you should try to learn more about their application method and the materials used.

Be aware that if your garage door surface has been damaged, the paint may have cracked. The extra galvanization and protective coating are useless in this case because they have probably been removed from the damaged area. 

Consider it like a car’s door: if a door panel is severely damaged, you must repair and repaint the door to prevent rust damage from developing on the exposed surfaces.

Call a Junction garage door service if you cannot find specific details about your garage door. 

Door Quality

You might not consider the quality of the metal to be crucial, but rust is a type of corrosion, and oxygen is the cause. Iron-oxide, which results from the reaction between iron and oxygen, causes garage door rust. The faster your door corrodes, the lighter and thinner it is. This makes the quality of the door something you cannot skimp on.

The Joints Have Too Much Dirt

Your doors will corrode more quickly than usual if you don’t keep them clean. Rust can be avoided by lubricating the joints, dusting the door, and performing routine maintenance on the mechanism.

When Was The Last Time You Wash Your Garage Door?

Some people have never even considered, much less completed, the process of cleaning their garage door. But if you think about it, the door will eventually accumulate a lot of scuffs and dust. 

This could result from exposure to the environment outside, work you undertake in the garage, or even a regular door opener function. 

While washing your door, look for oil stains. These stains usually indicate that you overlubricated the door chain, or used the incorrect lubricant.

Before calling the Chandler garage door service, wash your garage door as needed. 

You can wash your door with ordinary soap and water, or whatever soap you use to wash your car. 

Since dish detergent frequently contains a degreasing component, it works well. Don’t be concerned about high pressure; in fact, you should never wash your door with a pressure washer. You should only use your standard hose with a gentle shower or spray setting. Sprayers with high pressure can harm the paint’s surface.

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