Garage Door Safety Measures to Keep Your Children Safe

A garage door easily weighs several hundred pounds. Even using lightweight materials, the sheer size of the average garage door means that it is going to weigh a lot. And while a garage door is working properly, that weight isn’t going to be a problem. But if you neglect maintenance or don’t get garage door repair in Gilbert when you need it, the door can quickly malfunction and bring hundreds of pounds of materials down on you. Or on your loved ones, like your small children.

Such a scenario can be catastrophic. Don’t let that happen! Take these precautions to ensure that your garage door remains safe for your children and for others:

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Get Regular Garage Door Maintenance

By far, the most important thing you can do to keep your garage door safe for your children and others is to get it regularly serviced. You need regular garage door maintenance in Mesa to ensure that all the parts are in working order and that no problems are lingering. You should also make any garage door repair as soon as you know it is needed so that bigger problems don’t develop later.

Work with a garage door repair service in Mesa to schedule regular maintenance visits. Developing a regular relationship with a repair service will also ensure that the technician has a solid history for your door if problems arise, so they can be diagnosed quickly.

Keep the Door Shut

The biggest danger a garage door poses is when it is open. Open garage doors can fall or just come down too quickly if they malfunction, and that can lead to serious injury. You can remove this risk by simply keeping your garage door closed when it is not being used.

Make it easy to keep the garage door closed by keeping a remote in your car. Close the door as soon as you enter or leave.

Put Away the Remote

Kids love to play with things. They love to push buttons, and they love to watch things move in and out over and over again. Your garage door remote is the perfect play toy. They’ll spend all the time they can making the garage door go up and down.

If the kids are playing with the garage door opener, they are more likely to cause problems with the door, and that could lead to serious injury. Just keep the opener somewhere out of reach.

Mount the Opener High

Ditto for the wall-mounted garage door operator. Don’t mount it in a spot that your kids can easily reach. Mount it at least five feet up from the ground so that little hands can’t get to it and cause problems. Even if the garage door doesn’t malfunction from their playing around, kids are more likely to close a door on each other just because they don’t understand the danger it poses.

Update the Door

Many advancements have been made in garage door technology that can make your garage door safer. If you have an older door, it might be time to consider a new garage door installation in Gilbert You should also consider an upgrade if your door is experiencing a lot of problems or if it has outdated technology.

Talk to your Gilbert same day garage door service about the options for your home, and choose a garage door that has built-in safety features, such as motion sensors and more.

While your garage door can be a useful tool for your home, it can also be a hazard for your family, and especially for your children. Take these steps to ensure the health and safety of your garage door and your family. Work with a garage door repair service in Gilbert to keep your door maintained and updated as needed.

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