How a Damaged Garage Door Could Put You At Risk


Possible Ways a Broken Garage Door Can Put Your Life In Danger


A garage is an indispensable part of any home, whether it is located in an urban, suburban, or rural area. With a garage, you can keep your vehicles safe from the elements. You have a secure place for your tools and other valuable belongings. A garage helps you keep a tidy yard by providing storage for lawn equipment and outdoor toys. Unfortunately, even a perfectly designed garage will not last forever and even the best garage doors do break. If your garage door stops working properly, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. A Gilbert garage door repair service can quickly assess the damage, replace broken springs or provide other needed repairs, and get your garage back to working order right away so you don’t need to worry about vandalism, risk of injury, or other potential problems. A broken garage door may seem insignificant, but is actually a major risk and should be addressed by a Gilbert same day garage door service immediately.

Possible Ways a Broken Garage Door Can Put Your Life In Danger in Gilbert, AZ

Security Risk: Vandalism & Theft

One of the primary reasons that people hire Chandler garage door installation in the first place is to have a secure place to keep their belongings protected from theft or vandalism. Tools, pool maintenance equipment, cars and trucks, and recreational vehicles are especially valuable and at risk of theft. Of course, when a garage door is broken and not working properly, your garage is no longer secure. When it is stuck open, your garage door loses its important function of protecting your belongings. A garage door that is open even a little is much easier to break into, giving criminals easier access to your private space. Avoid the security risk of theft or vandalism by calling a garage door repair service right away!

Injury Danger: Falling Garage Doors

Even though they may seem thin and lightweight, garage doors are actually very heavy. Their exact weight will vary widely depending on the brand, size, and material. However, any garage door is heavy enough to cause injury, especially if it falls suddenly. Children, the elderly, and pets are especially at risk of more severe injuries. Most often, garage doors that suddenly fall are caused by broken springs, but a garage door that is not working properly for any reason poses an injury risk. The springs inside your garage door carry all the weight, and one that is broken can no longer support the weight of the door. Even one broken spring leaves your garage door vulnerable to malfunction and sudden falls. If your garage doors are broken, don’t wait and take the risk of injury to those you care about.

Ideally, you’ll want to get your broken garage door into the lowest position you can while you wait for Queen Creek garage door repair. It’s best if it touches the ground because then it is the least likely to injure anyone in your family or anyone who visits your home. A falling garage door is dangerous! Keep yourself and your family safe by contacting Gilbert same day garage door service.

Possible Damage Inside Or Outside Of Your Garage Door

It’s easy to overlook small problems with your garage doors and delay calling Gilbert garage door repair service. But seemingly small issues, such as one side of your garage door sitting slightly higher than the other side, can start a chain of problems. You can find quickly find yourself with much more severe damage inside or outside of your garage door.

Even though garage doors are large and sturdy, they are actually operated by delicate and powerful internal mechanisms. Like many other appliances, small problems turn into big ones. One part of a mechanism not working as it should can stress and eventually damage other parts. If ignored long enough, your entire garage door system can be damaged and need a complete replacement. Quite simply, a small issue that could have been easily and cheaply repaired by an Ahwatukee garage repair technician can progress into a much more severe and expensive problem.

One hazard of waiting too long to call Gilbert garage door repair service is that it can be impossible to repair some big issues. You may find yourself with the hassle and expense of needing a whole new garage door, which includes the added expense of new openers, keypad systems, and more. Get your garage door repair addressed by a professional right away to save yourself headaches and money down the road. A fully functional door and reduced risk is worth it!

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