How Do I Open My Garage Door When The Power Is Out?

The Importance Of Knowing How To Open Your Garage Door Manually 

Imagine you get home after a long day of work and realize there’s a power outage. It is not usual, but it can happen, and the last thing you want to do is leave your car in the middle of the street. 

On rare occasions like this, it is necessary to open the garage door manually. It may be a tedious task, but sometimes you have to do it. That’s why we give you some recommendations here according to a Gilbert garage door repair company

The Importance Of Knowing How To Open Your Garage Door Manually

The Garage Door Must Be In Down Position Before Opening It

Do not try to disengage your garage door opener in your garage door before making sure it is in the down position. Avoid disengaging the opener if the door is in the open position. If the spring is broken, releasing the opener could be dangerous as it could slam the door to the ground.

Do Not Forget To Pull The Emergency Release Cord

The red rope you see hanging from the garage door trolley is the emergency release cord. If the door is in the closed position, you can locate the release cord near the front of the door. 

The trolley is connected to the door, so it moves when the door closes and opens. The trolley is also connected to the garage door opener carriage, which is the system that moves the door along with the garage door opener boom instantly. 

By releasing the emergency release cord, you disconnect the trolley from the carriage so that you can operate the garage door manually. 

Move The Garage Door & Return It To Down Position

Before calling any garage door repair service in Gilbert, try moving your garage door manually. If you cannot lift the door manually because of its weight, then maybe there’s a broken spring. The springs are the tools that lift the door, meaning that if they are broken, you will not be able to lift the garage door. 

In that case, you will need a garage door repair service for help.

Be Sure To Pull The Emergency Release Cord Towards The Door

To reconnect the carriage and operate the garage door electronically, you have to pull the release cord toward the door. It will compress the spring lever, making a successful reconnection for the two systems.

Reconnect The Trolley To The Opener Carriage As A Final Step

The last thing you should do is to reconnect the trolley. To do so, run the opener for a cycle up and down. Once the trolley and carriage pass by, you will hear a loud click. It means they are now connected so you can close your garage door again. 

When To Check If The Garage Door Is Broken

One of the most common garage door problems is faulty torsion or extension springs. It is something usual with garage doors in Gilbert, so it shouldn’t surprise you.

The torsion and extension springs allow the opener to lift the heavyweight of the garage door. Therefore, you should be able to lift the door easily if the springs are in good condition. Plus, the door should stay up once you raise it. 

If you cannot lift the door because it is too heavy, or it slides down when elevated, then you may be dealing with a spring’s failure. The best thing you can do is to contact a professional. 

Remember to disconnect the automatic opener before opening the closed garage door. 

Get Help With Professional Assistance

Although electric garage doors can save you time and money, it’s useful to know essential tips to open a garage door manually. 

With external factors like power outages, a stubborn garage door will not open properly. But, if you know how to open it manually, then you won’t have any inconvenience if the power is out! 

If you feel there’s a bigger issue with your garage door, you can always contact Same Day Garage Services for professional assistance. We offer garage door repair, replacement, and installation in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, and the greater Phoenix Metro Area. Contact us to schedule a request and solve any problem you have with your garage door. 

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