How To Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Close

What To Do When Your Garage Door Doesn’t Work

How often does your garage door get stuck open? If you’ve ever had to deal with this problem, you know how annoying it can be. Luckily, there are some simple solutions to fix your stuck garage door. 

If it’s necessary, you can always call an Ahwatukee garage door service! However, this following guide will help you recognize common issues to check when your garage door doesn’t close and how to fix them effortlessly.

Instead of worrying about the contents of your garage until the repairman arrives, consider the following steps first. 

What To Do When Your Garage Door Doesn’t Work in Arizona

Check The Garage Sensors

If your garage door isn’t closing completely, it’s probably because there’s a sensor failing.

Garage door openers contain safety lasers placed along the tracks near the floor. These sensors keep everyone safe by identifying when young children, animals, or other objects are in the way of the garage door.

These sensors may transmit an incorrect signal to the control board of the opener if their lenses become dusty. Cleaning them with a soft cloth should solve the problem.

If the sensors are blinking, they may need calibration since they need to “see” each other. Simply tweak one of the sensors until the tiny light remains steady, then tighten it into place.

Examine The Tracks & Rollers

If your sensors are working, but the garage door is still not closing past a certain point, check the tracks to verify there are no obstructions blocking movement.

Before calling an Apache Junction garage door service, you must verify if the tracks and rollers are working. Most of the time you only need to grease them with oil to make your garage door work again.

Check your rollers and tracks to see any signs of damage. If you spot any damaged area, bend it back into place with clamps or hammer hits because it usually works. 

Inspect the upper track coming from the garage door opener too.

As we mentioned earlier, you should also lubricate them with silicone- or white-lithium-based grease. Several blocked rollers can fool a garage door opener into thinking the door is touching something.

Check The Trolley

The trolley is the component that connects the garage door to the opener. This item is easy to recognize since it typically has a rope hanging. This rope connects and disconnects the door from the chain moved by the garage door opener.

Your trolley might be in bypass mode if you can open and close your garage door with ease by hand. Pull the rope in the same direction as the door to remove the trolley latch from bypass mode. It will latch back onto the chain once you turn on the garage door opener. 

Be careful when inspecting your trolley! A Chandler garage door service might be your best choice if the trolley is broken or severely damaged. You can try to adjust it if the damage is not severe. But otherwise, it’s better to contact an expert.

Check The Remote Control

Batteries might be another component ruining your garage door’s performance. They might be dead if you can’t close the garage door with the remote control. However, there is a risk that a power surge will erase your garage door opener’s memory. You might need to re-program your remote if you change the batteries and the problem persists.

Open the rear flap on your garage door opener or take off the light cover while standing on a ladder. You should see a large “learn” button. Just press that button until a light starts to flash. Once the light flashes, press any button on your remote control. Your remote should work as usual after that. 

Check The Limit Screws Too

You may need to adjust the limit screws if your garage door won’t fully retract but instead stops. These screws contain connections that inform the garage door opener how far to open or close, so they are simple to adjust.

You don’t need to call the Ahwatukee garage door service right away before checking the limit screws, especially when they need a few steps to work again.

Open the back flap or take off the light cover on the garage door opener while standing on a ladder. You should see two plastic adjustment screws with the labels “up” and “down”. Turn the “down” screw with a flat screwdriver and check your garage door’s functionality in each turn.

You should adjust this screw until the rubber seal is slightly compressed and the door closes fully. Back off the “down” adjustment if the door closes and rebounds back open.

Review The Manual

The blinking light on your garage door opener is trying to alert you to a problem if the garage door doesn’t close properly. Check your manual’s troubleshooting section and note how many times the light blinks.

If you don’t have the manual with you, search for the trouble code online.

Contact The Experts

You might require a technician if you can’t fix your door yourself. Secure your garage by pulling down on the bypass rope while you wait. You should be able to close the garage door if you have the trolley disengaged.

We invite you to contact Same Day Garage Door Services if you’re looking for trusted Gilbert garage door services. We can guarantee the best solution to make your garage door work again!

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