How To Perform Your Monthly Garage Door Maintenance

Keeping Your Garage Door In Good Condition With A Monthly Maintenance

Garage doors are one of the essential parts of a house. They might start showing wear and tear without being properly maintained, which could result in high repair bills or even danger to the family members. Thus, it is essential to understand what you should avoid and how to prevent such mishaps.

Garage door spring maintenance is one of the most common things that homeowners tend to ignore. But it is crucial to take care of them before they fail and cause damage to the entire garage door mechanism. 

Contacting an Ahwatukee garage door repair service on time is usually the best measure. However, you can also do the following steps to keep your garage door in good condition. 

Best Ways Of Keeping Your Garage Door In Good Condition in Arizona

Check Garage Door’s Weird Noises

One of the first things you can try is getting used to your garage door sounds. Your garage door should have a clean sound instead of unusual noises. These unusual noises are one of the first signs that indicate your garage door needs help. Most of the time, it requires a professional service.

Overhead garage doors make annoying sounds over time, but you must always check new ones that might suggest something is wrong. You should also be aware of screeches because they usually mean the opener chain is damaged. 

In short, unusual noises from your garage door can indicate different problems, and they are not always easy to identify without expert help. Call a professional as soon as you hear these sounds. 

Are There Any Gaps Below The Garage Door?

You must seal your garage door to protect the things inside your garage. Moreover, it also guarantees the safety of your home’s interior.

Any gaps below the garage door allow the weather from outside to come in. As a result, your items could get damaged. 

An Apache Junction garage door repair service can be enough to solve this situation and avoid expensive bills for your house. 

Make sure the overhead door closes entirely, without any gaps in the door or between the panels when it closes. If your door is already causing problems with it, accommodate the automatic opener until the door reaches the weather stripping.

If you can’t fix this issue, contact a garage door specialist. 

Check The Garage Remote Control

Sometimes, the issue lies in the remote control. You use it every day, so it experiences a lot of wear and tear. Garage door buttons wear out over time, making them unusable. It may be time to change the buttons or replace the garage door remote completely. 

Contact a remote manufacturer for more information. They are the first option when there’s a remote door malfunction. 

Before getting your control remote replaced or repaired, try changing the battery. If that fixes the issue, you have saved a lot of money. However, if you still have a garage door remote problem, it might be a good idea to get a new one. 

Check The Automatic Reverse Feature Of Your Garage

Check the auto-reverse feature every month to see if it’s working properly and avoid accidents, especially for pets and children. Contact a Chandler garage door repair service if this feature is causing a lot of trouble. 

Two types of auto-reverse features exist in garage doors. One is pressure-sensitive, meaning that if something is in the way of the garage door as it closes, it will reverse directions automatically. To test it out, put a 2×4 block of wood flat beneath the door and close it. If the garage door doesn’t reverse its direction when touching wood, call a professional ASAP.

The other feature uses photo-eye sensors to trigger a reverse if something passes through the beam. You can wave a broomstick through the beam to test this feature, but do it when closing the garage door. 

Fix Your Garage Door If It’s Stuck

Follow these tests if your garage door seems stuck:

  • Clean the photo-eye sensors and align them
  • Fix your garage door’s alignment
  • Check the garage door opener and repair it if necessary. 

Contact A Professional Gilbert Garage Door Repair Service

The best you can do to keep your garage door in good condition all year long is to contact a professional service.  At Same Day Garage Door Services, we can help you fix any issues your garage door has at affordable prices. Call us today for more information! 


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