Must Have Garage Door Features & Trends of 2020

Many homeowners do not realize that garage doors can be a statement piece all on their own. If you are planning a new build with a Gilbert garage door installation, or simply need to replace your current garage door, consider incorporating one (or more!) of these top five garage door trends of 2020.

Garage Door Features & Trends of 2020


Curbscaping is essentially landscaping for your garage door. While it is a somewhat unusual trend, curbscaping is a growing trend and strongly encourages creating a unique look specific to your home. It sets apart your garage door from all the other garage doors.

Many homeowners have been using various materials such as bricks, timber panels, glass, and even arbours or wooden frames boasting vines and other attractive plants to dress up their garage door. Curbscaping is an excellent way to personalize your garage and add character to an otherwise overlooked area. Not to mention, it will be easy for your local Chandler garage door repair service to pinpoint exactly which house is yours!

WiFi & Smart Technology

Smart technology is quickly overtaking the homeowning world. From key fobs for your vehicle, to app-controlled thermostats in your home, to WiFi door locks and garage door openers, modern technology has paved the way for amazing advancements for homeowners.

Garage door openers can be linked with WiFi for easy control from an app on your phone, no matter where you are. This allows homeowners to have full control over convenience and security, to set a timer for garage doors to close at certain times of the day, and receive alarms and notifications when something is out of the ordinary. You can also set your garage lights to turn on or the door to open when you are within certain perimeters near your home.

Consider that a WiFi-controlled garage door allow you the freedom to head to work for the day instead of waiting at home for the Mesa garage door repair serviceman. He can simply call you when he arrives at your home, and you can press a button on your phone to allow him in and out of the garage or your home for repairs.

Oversized Doors

Oversized doors are growing in popularity due to the number of homeowners either turning their garage into a living space, a business space, or simply wanting to park their RV inside their garage. Homeowners are also beginning to gravitate toward larger vehicles in general, and people who prefer smaller cars still tend to strap things to their roof. Whatever the reason, having an oversized garage door opens up all kinds of possibilities and protects your options from being limited.

Keep in mind that if you prefer a larger garage door, you may need to renovate the rest of the garage as well to accommodate the difference. While doable for attached garages, this is a much simpler process if your garage space is detached from your home.

Bold Colors

Color trends change every year. Over the last several years, however, neutral colors are being edged out and replaced with bold, rich shades. Do not be afraid to try something new and totally different! Find a bold color that complements the rest of the exterior of your home, and double check that it is approved by your HOA.

Black is one of the leading bold colors, but if black really isn’t your thing, go for a deep blue, a calm burgundy, or rich burnt orange. Keep an extra can of the paint color in your basement in case you need to touch up an area after having Mesa garage repair work done. Step outside of your comfort zone, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Natural Light

While any number of materials for your new garage door will create head-turning appeal, consider installing a full-view aluminum door. With straight, clean lines and a wide variety of options for tinted or frosted glass, you cannot go wrong with a full-view garage door. They let in quite a bit of natural light to open up and brighten the inside space, and are especially popular with small businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants.

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