Steps To Fix Garage Door Off Track

Common Causes Of Garage Rollers Coming Off The Tracks

The garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. It allows you to park your car inside, keeps unwanted people away, and keeps items stored in your garage, safe. Unfortunately, it’s common for the garage door to suddenly make strange noises and stop working. It may be a clear sign of an off-track garage door.

While even the best-maintained homes can fall victim to faulty garage doors, maybe you are reading this guide because you want to know if it’s possible to fix it. Luckily, yes! There’s a solution for an off-track garage door! 

Before calling an Ahwatukee garage door maintenance service, read the information below.

Garage Rollers in Arizona

What Tools Do I Need?

Aside from the frustrations caused by an off-track garage door, serious injuries and property damage may happen. You should never forcefully pull a jammed door down because it bends the vertical tracks and causes the rollers to pop out of the track, causing serious damage. 

Before trying some DIY methods, gather the following tools:

  • Pliers
  • Rubber mallet
  • Locking pliers

How To Detect An Off-Track Garage Door

The first step in DIY garage door repair is determining the source of the issue. An off-track garage door may become stuck, hang loosely from the tracks, or sit at an awkward angle.

 As we mentioned before, you should not try to force the door open or shut, especially if you find any of the previous problems.

 Attempting to force a door to open is risky because it can cause more rollers to pop out, and damage your garage door system.

What Causes An Off-Track Garage Door?

Knowing why your garage door went off track can help you avoid similar situations later. Most garage doors have 10 or 12 rollers. If any of them come off the track, you can spot them with a fast visual checkup. 

As part of Apache Junction garage door maintenance, you should often look at the tracks mounted on either side of the door to see if your door is off-track.

The following are common causes of garage rollers coming off the tracks:

  • Track damage: Bent or damaged tracks can throw rollers out of alignment.
  • Loose tracks: Your door vibration can loosen the bolts that hold the tracks in place.
  • Force and impacts: The rollers may become dislodged if you hit the garage door with your vehicle.
  • Dirt and a lack of lubrication: Dirt, grime, and lack of lubrication can cause rollers to go off track.

How To Fix Garage Doors Off Track

Follow these steps to make your garage door work again 

Disconnect The opener

The first thing you have to do is to look overhead for a rope connecting the opener to the door. Pull the rope to disconnect the door from the opener. This way, you can operate the door manually.

Open The door

Lift the door to open it manually, making sure it is fully released from the opener. Normally, the garage door is a heavy object that can slam down on your body when you try to open it. Remember that your safety comes first, so ask for help or contact a Chandler garage door repair service if necessary.

Find The Jamming Wheels

Search for the wheels that are off track once the door is open. If you don’t spot the jamming wheels, close the door and reopen it. Locating the jamming wheels is not easy, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if necessary. 

Put A Stop To It

Once you spot the jamming wheels, it’s time to spot the tracks. To do this, target one of the tracks with the locking pliers and snap them underneath the door.

Return The Wheels To The Track

After ensuring that the tracks are securely fastened with lock pliers, grab the outer edge of the tracks with a pair of pliers and pull it. This allows you to put the wheels back on the track.

Work On The Track

Once you position the wheels the right way, use the rubber mallet to return the track to its original position. This way, you will put the door back on track.

Manually Test The Door

At this point, you should check if the door is working right. You can also test its balance. Then, remove the lock pliers from the track and move the door up and down manually.

You can always contact a  Fountain Hills garage door repair service if necessary.

Check The Automatic Operation

If the door is working properly and hanging straight, try using the opener. Take out the remote control and press the button to turn on the garage door opener. Allow the opener to complete its regular opening and closing cycle before locking the door mechanism.

Contact A Gilbert Garage Door Repair Service

Although these steps can save you from the worst nightmare with a garage door, sometimes it’s not that easy to accomplish them. In that case, contact a professional service to get better results. Call Same Day Garage Door Services to make your garage door work again without much effort! Contact us today to request a quote.



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