The Impacts of Your Garage Door on Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Many homeowners are always looking for ways to increase the value and curb appeal of their home. Whether they are considering selling or simply want to enhance their home’s exterior appearance, curb appeal is a big deal. One great way to do so that you may not have considered is to focus on your garage door. Replacing your Gilbert garage door using a Gilbert garage door installation service has a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. Read ahead to learn more!

The Impacts of Your Garage Door on Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Consider that the garage door takes up about 1/3 of the exterior of your home. Naturally, the eye is drawn to the biggest thing first, so when someone looks at your home, one of the first things they are likely to notice is the garage door whether they realize it or not. It is important to choose a garage door that blends nicely with the rest of the home, creates balance, and most importantly, does not take away from the rest of your home’s exterior. Sometimes adding extra lighting or a subtle pattern can go a long way toward improving the appeal of your home.


Experts say that if your garage door is damaged, it drastically reduces the curb appeal of your home, not to mention it opens the door (no pun intended!) to the potential for further damages from moisture, leaks, rodents, and other hazards. Ignoring the warning signs of garage door damage such as dents, scratches, warps, or cracks, can turn an easily repairable problem into a hefty financial investment.

If you notice any damages on your door, immediately call a reputable Gilbert garage door repair service to inspect the issue and provide an estimate for repairs. If they recommend an entire replacement instead of a simple Gilbert garage repair, then you have the opportunity to upgrade the entire door and greatly enhance your curb appeal.


Every Gilbert garage door repair service will strongly recommend that you do not attempt to replace your garage door on your own. There are quite a large number of hazards that go along with installing garage doors, that can cause great injury to you if they are not done properly.

Every door is unique, requiring a specific set of tools and skills to install or fix any problems that may arise. If you attempt to take apart your garage door and install a new one yourself, serious injury or permanent damage can occur to yourself. Additionally, every garage door comes with a solid set of warranties on the parts and service, provided it is installed by a professional. If you do it yourself, all warranties will be void and you could be struck with a hefty financial blow. It is simply not worth the risk. Do your research and hire a reliable garage door professional that has been specially trained to do the job.


Once the need arises or you have decided to replace your garage door with a brand new upgrade, it is time to do research and make some decisions. You will need to begin by choosing a material that works best for your personal needs, and from there you can determine which patterns or designs work best with that material. There are several factors involved with choosing a door material, including the common types of weather in your area, long-term benefits, durability, and more. Your Gilbert same day garage door service experts can discuss these factors with you further to determine which will work best for you, but for now we will highlight the three most commonly used: wood, steel, and aluminum.


Wooden garage doors are popular due to their durability, customization, and visual appeal. Because wood can be carved, sanded, stained, or painted in an endless variety of ways, homeowners are commonly drawn to wood for its great versatility. If you want your garage door to match your front door, wood is the best way to make that happen. The panels on the door can be raised, flush, or recessed. A wooden garage door can be a fantastic statement piece customized to fit with a variety of home styles.


Steel garage doors are the most ideal garage door material due to their extreme durability and strength. It will never rot or warp, it can last for decades, and can be finished in a variety of ways. The only downside is their susceptibility to damage or corrosion, so they are best suited for areas with very little precipitation.

As mentioned, it is important to note that steel garage doors can be finished in over a dozen different factory finishes. Homeowners can choose from a variety of panel designs, different textures, or paint colors, and can customize their steel garage door to complement either a modern or contemporary home exterior style.


Aluminum garage doors are another attractive, modern style door. Due to the variety of painting or glazing options, aluminum doors can either be a bold statement piece or a neutral accent to the rest of the home’s exterior. Homeowners can also choose to add clear or tinted glass panels to their garage door for a unique style, further increasing curb appeal. Aluminum doors are both sturdy and affordable, and a fantastic option for any home.


If you want something different than the typical and commonly used garage door materials, consider using a synthetic material. These include wood composite, fiberglass, and vinyl. Each of these has their own benefits (and downsides), including lightweightness, dent resistance, and ability to withstand daily wear and tear. What it all boils down to is simply researching the different options available to you, speaking with your Chandler garage door contractor, and making a decision based on the needs of your personal lifestyle.

Remember that the garage door does not have to stand alone and increase curb appeal all by itself. Consider having a unique mural painted onto it. Add a few striking lighting fixtures on either side of the door, attractive hardware, fancy new house numbers, or simple landscaping. Installing windows in your garage door can make it much more attractive and go a long way toward increasing your curb appeal. Remember that the windows can also be customized themselves. Speak with your Mesa garage door contractor to discuss exterior lighting techniques and landscaping methods that can have a big impact on the appearance of your garage and the rest of your home. Finally, remember that a little bit goes a long way. You probably do not need to do all these extra things to enhance your garage door and increase your curb appeal; simply pick one or two items to work with, and the overall appearance of your garage and home will be greatly improved.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with options and having a hard time knowing where to start, Same Day Garage Door Services can help! Our experts specialize in all types of garage door repairs and installation services, and are very knowledgeable in every type of garage door material. When you have a damaged garage door or simply want to upgrade, let us help you design and execute a garage door that will supercharge the curb appeal of your home. Call us today to speak with one of our design experts and get your project started!

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