The Leading Signs that You Should Replace Your Garage Door Springs

The springs on your garage door play a big role in its health and longevity. If your springs break or wear down, the garage door won’t work properly or it won’t work at all. You need to get routine maintenance for your garage door, including your springs, and you need to inspect your springs regularly for signs of damage. If you don’t, you could have an accident or an emergency repair bill that you don’t want.

The best thing you can do is call a garage door repair in Gilbert to regularly inspect and maintain the door. But you should also be alert to these leading signs that it’s time to replace your garage door springs so that you don’t have an accident:

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Rust and Corrosion are Present

Have you ever known a piece of rusted equipment to work? And if you were able to get it to work, did it work properly? Rust and corrosion can break down the metal on your garage door springs, which can make them work more slowly or can make them snap.

Do you really want to risk your safety by continuing to use a heavy garage door held up by rusty springs? If you notice signs of rust or corrosion, it’s time to replace the springs.

Squeaking that Doesn’t Stop

You might hear some noises when you operate your garage door normally, but to isolate the noise and determine if your springs are the problem, you’ll need to test the door. Pull the red-handled emergency cord, then raise and lower your garage door by hand. Listen if there is any squeaking coming from the springs. If there is, get some WD-40 or other appropriate lubricant and coat the springs.

After giving the lubricant time to work, raise and lower the door again. If the squeaking continues, there may be a problem with your springs or other components.

The Door Doesn’t Stay Up

When you are raising and lowering the garage door manually, you need to do another check. Raise the door up and then let it go. The door should be at least several feet off the ground when you release it. The door should stay in place after you let go off the emergency cord. If the door slams to the ground, or even if it falls slowly, you may have a problem with your garage door springs.

Talk to a garage door repair service to have the door inspected and find out what, exactly, is causing the problem.

The Springs are Old

Everything wears down over time, no matter how well you take care of it. Generally, your garage door springs should last about 10,000 cycles, which would be about seven to nine years if you have an average size family. If you live alone or drive infrequently, your garage door springs can last 15 years or more.

If your garage door springs are nearing the end of their expected life cycle, you should have a technician inspect them and let you know if it’s time for replacement. It will be much cheaper and easier to replace your springs than it will be to repair or replace your garage door.

Even small garage door components can make a big impact on the health and functionality of your garage door. Don’t let these components break down unexpectedly, resulting in huge damages to your house or door or serious injuries to your family. Work with a garage door repair service to get routine maintenance and early repairs.

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