Why DIY Garage Door Repairs Are A Bad Idea

When something in our home breaks, it’s only natural that our first response would be to try and fix it ourselves. The truth of the matter is, however, is that no matter how much money you think you’re going to save yourself by taking care of the problem, you could end up costing yourself more in the long run. Although DIY methods have come a long way, it’s still not really a substitute for more complex issues you might encounter around your home, especially when your garage door malfunctions. Here are a few reasons why you should enlist the help of your local Gilbert garage door repair company instead of trying to take on the repairs yourself!

Why DIY Garage Door Repairs Are A Bad Idea

You Could Increase the Damage

Garage doors can be confusing if you’re not an expert. More often than not, your main starting point will simply be that it’s not working and it needs to be fixed. But that doesn’t mean you’ll know where to start or even how soon it needs to be repaired. Only a trusted Gilbert or Mesa garage door repair technician will know how to fix the issue without causing excess damage to the door. With too much confidence, you can turn a simple, easy, and relatively cheap garage door repair into something far more costly. Depending on what the problem is, you may think you’re repairing one component of the garage door, but end up actually damaging an entirely different part. Not only that, but you risk damaging anything stored in your garage.

Wrong Tools, Wrong Application

Overconfidence can lead to you assuming that you have just the right tools to get the job done, but falling short and, again, causing further damage to your garage door. Some Mesa garage door repair specialists have certain tools and methods they use to quickly, easily, and safely repair garage doors to get them running smoothly again. Even if you did, somehow, have the proper tools to take care of it yourself, are you using them properly? Are you employing safe repair habits that any good Chandler garage door repair technician always practices? The answer is almost certainly no. Don’t assume you can use any old screwdriver to fix the issue at hand. Common household tools can only get you so far.

Lethal Parts

If you are not a trained, licensed Gilbert garage door repair technician, repairing a garage door can be incredibly dangerous. A vast majority of garage doors are either extension or torsion systems. They’re reliable and sturdy, but the torsion springs can pose a threat to your safety if you aren’t careful. Because of the strong tension they’re under, if a spring were to break, it could send various metal pieces in every direction at high speeds. This is an incredible risk that you don’t need to take just to save a few bucks on a repair service.

Safety Risks

Not being properly trained in garage door repairs means that you are more than likely taking unnecessary safety risks in order to save a few dollars. Not only are garage doors extremely heavy, but they are difficult to manipulate without the right tools and the proper experience that a trained Tempe garage door repair technician might have. They are opened by a machine, and if you make a mistake during your DIY repair, it can cause damage to your home, and you could risk injuring yourself in the process. If your primary goal is to save yourself some money, just think of all the additional costs you’ll incur if you don’t get a professional to repair your garage door. Medical bills from injuries, car repair costs, and the overall expense of replacing anything that was damaged because of a foolhardy repair attempt. In the long run, paying for one repair will likely save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

Repairing What Isn’t Damaged

Because you’re not a professional Tempe garage door repair expert, you could potentially start your DIY project by trying to fix something that isn’t even broken in the first place. You could cause way more issues than the existing one by trying to take on your garage door on your own. The best way to avoid any mishaps and causing more trouble is to simply call an expert.

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