5 Things to Ask Your Garage Door Repair Man

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. An attractive and well-maintained garage door improves the curb appeal and the value of your home. You must keep your garage door well-maintained and in good repair.

5 Things To Ask Garage Door Repair Man

You should work with a Gilbert garage door repair service regularly to keep your investment in top shape. Here are five things you may need to ask your garage door repair man:

Why is the Garage Door Not Opening?

There are many parts that work together to open and close your garage door, so there are many reasons that your garage door may not be opening properly. You may have a broken or a rusty spring, or you may have a broken cable. Your door could be off the track or out of alignment, or there could be an electrical problem or a tripped circuit. There are a number of reasons that the door could not be opening properly, so you need to consult with a Gilbert garage repair service to get to the bottom of the problem. Otherwise, you won’t have use of your door, and you could risk the door experiencing bigger problems.

Why is the Garage Door Not Closing?

Some of the same problems that can keep your garage door from opening can keep it from closing properly also. One of the biggest issues that could specifically cause problems with the door closing is an interruption in the laser sensor. This is the sensor that ensures that there is nothing in the way when the door is closing. It could be that you actually have an obstacle in the way of the garage door, or it could be that there is a malfunction of the sensor. There could also be a problem with the electrical connection to that sensor. Again, talk to a Gilbert garage door repair service to find out for sure.

What is Causing that Noise?

Your garage door has many moving parts, and when one of them starts to wear down or breaks, it can cause all types of noises. You might hear a squeaking noise when the door opens or closes, and that could indicate that the parts on the door need to be lubricated. Or you might hear a grinding sound, and that could indicate that a belt is too loose or tight. Clinking noises could indicate a problem with the spring coils or rollers, and loud, thumping noise could indicate a broken torsion spring.

Allowing any of these issues to go unattended could result in more serious problems with your garage door and more expensive repairs. You need to consult with a professional to get the appropriate maintenance or repairs.

How Frequently Does Maintenance Need to be Performed?

Different parts of your garage door will require different maintenance. For example, the rollers on your door should be inspected twice a year. Some things you can do yourself, like lubricating the moving parts, but some things you’ll need to hire a service to do for you. The best way to know what kind of maintenance plan your garage door needs is to talk to your garage door repair man and set up a schedule.

How Much Will this Repair Cost?

Garage door repairs can cost under $100, or they can cost several hundred dollars. It just depends on what is broken and whether a part needs to be replaced. You can keep your garage door repair costs down by keeping to a regular maintenance schedule. You can also save money by getting repairs made as quickly as possible, before the problem has a chance to affect other parts of the garage door and create the need for more expensive repairs.

Building a relationship with an experienced and trusted Gilbert garage door repair service can help you save money and extend the life of your garage door. You’ll be able to ask these and other questions, and you’ll develop a great maintenance and repair plan that will protect your door and your home.

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