7 Garage Door Repair Myths to Take with a Grain of Salt

Some Misconceptions About Garage Door Maintenance

Misconceptions about home maintenance can cause you to make poor decisions that can ultimately lead to a lot of damage to your home, costing you heavily in repair bills and causing you much aggravation. Unfortunately, many misconceptions exist about garage door repair and maintenance. Some of these myths can cause people to neglect their garage doors or to make choices that can damage their doors.

You should trust only the Tempe garage door repair service professionals when it comes to diagnosing problems with your door or determining the proper maintenance. Here are some of the myths you might hear about garage door repair that you should either ignore or consult with a professional about:

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1. It’s Slow – It’s Not Going to Fail

Your garage door may start to slow down. When it does, you may just think it a nuisance, but not a major problem. You may not even think it needs repair.

However, the truth is that a slowing garage door is one that is either aging out or that is experiencing some problem. The slowdown is just a red flag that bigger problems await. If you don’t get garage door repair service quickly, you could be dealing with a more serious – and more expensive – repair later.

2. It’s Not Necessary to Replace Both Springs

If you find out that a spring needs to be replaced on your garage door, you may be tempted to replace just that spring – especially if the other one seems to have some life left in it. But doing so will only put your garage door at risk. A new spring will be stronger and operate more efficiently than an old one, so the operation of the garage door will be uneven, leading to bigger problems later. Invest in replacing both springs when it becomes necessary to replace either.

3. I Can Fix that Noise

Garage doors make a lot of noises when they are in need of maintenance or repair. But many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that when the garage door starts getting noisy, it just needs to be oiled or to have a few screws tightened.

Leave any garage door maintenance or repair to the professionals. A Tempe garage door repair service will be able to properly diagnose the problem and ensure that the true remedy is implemented, rather than just oiling over the problem, only for it to return later.

4. Repairs Aren’t That Difficult

Some people mistakenly believe that the garage door is not that complex. They look at the tracks, the springs, and the pulleys, and they think that repairing it is just a matter of removing and replacing parts.

However, the reality is that garage door repair can be quite complex, and making any mistakes can put your door in jeopardy and can put you at risk of serious injury. You need to call a professional same day garage door service in Chandler to handle any repairs to your garage door.

5. A Garage Door Repair Service is Too Expensive

Unfortunately, many homeowners have come to believe that all home service professionals charge too much for their services, and they try to do the repair themselves to save money. But the truth is that professionals have a great deal of training and experience that goes into their pricing.
You need only shop around to find a same day garage door service that offers affordable pricing, such as Same Day Garage Door Services in Gilbert.

You can get professional workmanship at a fair price. Also remember that you will save money in the long run by hiring the professionals rather than attempting a repair yourself and creating more damage or becoming injured.

6. A Garage Door Repair Service Will Just Try to Sell Me a New Door

You may be under the misconception that all garage door repair service professionals will just end their visit by telling you that you need a new garage door installation rather than a repair. This idea may have arisen from your continual exposure to unethical service professionals who try to upsell you to increase their profits.

When you work with an ethical garage door repair service, you can be sure that if a new garage door is recommended, it’s really needed. Just do your research and hire the most reputable company in your area. In Gilbert, that’s Same Day Garage Door Services.

7. You Don’t Need a Repair Warranty

Not all garage door repair services perform quality work, unfortunately. When you hire a company that offers a warranty on their work, such as Same Day Garage Door Services, you can feel confident that you are getting reliable repair work and that you can trust the results for years to come.

Don’t let misconceptions about garage door repair keep you from getting the professional service you need. Call Same Day Garage Door Services if you need to repair, maintain, or upgrade your garage door. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals can diagnose the problem and make repairs on the same day, in most cases. If a new garage door installation is recommended, they can help you choose the right door for your home and provide you a free, no-obligation estimate. Call us today to schedule a service for your Gilbert home.

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