7 Regular Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Functioning

Replacing your garage door can cost several thousand dollars, depending on what kind of quality you choose. But maintaining your garage door costs a fraction of that, and it helps to prolong the life of the garage door for years, saving you money on replacement and on (what would otherwise be) unnecessary repairs.

Regurlar Maintenance Garage Doors

Garage door maintenance does not have to be time-consuming or expensive, but it does need to be consistent. Here are seven regular maintenance tasks you should be doing (or hiring a professional to do) to keep your garage door functioning:

1. Tighten the Hardware

The hardware on any moving object will get loose over time. When the hardware on your garage door gets loose, the panels may shake, the other components may rattle, and the door can wear down more quickly over time. You’ll also deal with a lot more noise.

Take the time to tighten the hardware regularly. Any nuts, screws, springs, or other items that can be tightened should be.

2. Lubricate Hardware

Any moving parts on your garage door should be lubricated so that there is not friction when they rub together. When parts start to rub together harshly, they wear down faster, and they can break. And, again, you’ll be dealing with a lot of noise.

Some parts need an oil-based lubricant, like the springs, while other parts need a silicone-based lubricant, like the PVC framing. You shouldn’t have to lubricate often – usually just once a year or so.

3. Inspect the Rollers

The rollers help your garage door to function smoothly. If they are damaged or need to be replaced, your garage door will not open and close properly. The friction could even cause further damage to the door.

Your rollers may be nylon or steel. No matter what material they are, you need to hire a Gilbert garage door repair service to inspect them regularly and to replace them as needed. Typically, the rollers should be inspected twice a year. They should be replaced if they are cracked, chipped, or generally worn. Even with good maintenance, they will generally need to be replaced after seven years.

4. Test the Door Balance

When hardware becomes loose, springs become rusty, or parts are damaged, the door can shift slightly and become unbalanced. An unbalanced garage door will cause the opener to work harder, which will shorten its life. Other parts can also be damaged because the door is not balanced.

You can check to see if the door is unbalanced by disconnecting the door opener (just pull the release handle) and then manually pushing the door about half way up on the tracks. The door should stay where it is. If it doesn’t, the springs are no longer balanced properly. You’ll need to call a Gilbert garage repair professional to tighten the springs and rebalance the door.

5. Inspect Cables

Springs, hardware, and high-tension cables hold your garage door in place and make sure it moves properly. If any of those parts is too loose, too tight, or unbalanced, it will cause problems with your door.

Don’t try to repair the cables yourself, or you risk injuring yourself. Just inspect them visually to see if there are any broken cables or other damage. If there is, call a Gilbert garage door repair service for help.

6. Test Auto-Reverse Features

Newer garage doors have a safety feature that detects any obstacles in the path of the door and automatically opens the door when items are present. If this feature isn’t working properly, your garage door could crush your car, your pets, or even your children.

Test this feature regularly. Put a brick or something else that is inconsequential in the path of the door and close it. The door should touch the brick and then back up again. If your door has beams to detect objects, simply wave your foot in front of the beams when the door is closing to see if it goes back up again. If your door fails either test, call a professional for repair immediately.

7. Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping lines the bottom of your garage door and helps to keep your home better insulated and to keep pests out of your house. When it becomes cracked or damaged, it fails in both of those duties.

Inspect and replace the weather stripping regularly. This is a job you can easily do yourself. Just buy the weather stripping at a hardware store, cut it to length, and stick it on the bottom of the door. The job is inexpensive, and it won’t take much time to complete.

Performing these and other routine maintenance tasks can help your garage door stay in better shape for a longer time. Not only will you spend less on repairs over the years, but your garage door will also last longer, which will save you money on a new Gilbert garage door installation.

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