When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Seal

The Common Signs Of Damaged Garage Door Seals

A garage seal is a component between your garage door and the track on the exterior of your house. It helps ensure that water and debris don’t get inside the garage and cause damage to your car or belongings. Over time, a garage seal may become damaged. In that case, the best you can do is to replace it.

But how can we know when to replace the garage door seal? Before calling a garage door repair service in Gilbert, let’s look at some common signs of damaged garage door seals.

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The Bottom Of The Garage Door Has Gaps

It might be difficult to detect the initial signs of deterioration to the garage door strip until it becomes visible.

Small cracks in the seal may not be obvious to the naked eye, but symptoms like a temperature change or visible dirt might indicate the presence of a draught. The draught will push chilly air and dust into the garage from outside.

A clear indication that cracks are developing in the garage door seal is finding leaves and insects inside your garage.

The Bottom Seal Of The Garage Door No Longer Retains Its Shape

A new garage door weather strip goes back to its normal shape after usage and seals the door when closed. When a rubber seal ages, it becomes hard and no longer regains its shape, becoming twisted and distorted over time.

A distorted garage door seal is typically one of the first obvious signs that it’s time to replace it.

Cracks In The Garage Door Rubber Seal

Hot weather can harm the rubber seal because the heat dries out the oils in the rubber, making it brittle. Hiring a Chandler garage door repair service is crucial in this case, especially with the hot weather of Arizona!

The rubber will dry out and crack if there are chemical spills in the garage that gets near the door seals. When cracks start to show, the garage door seal strip is already broken. Don’t let that ruin your day and contact a professional garage door service as soon as possible to get it fixed.

The Garage Door Seal Is Deteriorating

You may see little pieces of your garage door strip on the floor as it crumbles away with each closing of the door. This indicates that the rubber seal is no longer capable of doing its function properly since it has grown extremely stiff and fragile. Ignoring this issue might result in a damaged garage door because little rubber debris pieces can enter the system and cause malfunction.

How To Inspect Your Garage Door Seal

You should replace the garage door rubber seal at the first indication of deterioration to ensure that your garage door stays protected. One of the first signs that the garage door bottom seal needs to be replaced is the appearance of a gap anywhere along the seal. You can contact an Apache Junction garage door repair service to see what’s wrong with your garage door seal.

You can also use the following tips to check your garage door’s seal:

  • Make a visual inspection. Search for any holes along the seal’s entire length. You can use a light source on the garage door’s exterior and, with a friend’s assistance, ask them to observe whether any light can be seen within the garage. Any indications of light leaking through will point to a seal breach.
  • Look for draughts with a sheet of paper. Put a piece of paper on the ground next to the door’s bottom. Any shifting of the paper will indicate that there is a sealant leak.
  • Simulate rain by using a hose on the door’s seal. To identify any breaches in the seal, see if any water penetrates through the garage door seal strip. To make sure the seal is keeping its quality, you can try this inspection after it has rained.

Call The Experts

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