7 Ways To Achieve Completely Silent Garage Door Operation

How To Stop Your Garage Door From Making Noise?

When you think of your garage door, chances are pretty good that you hear it in your mind before you see it. Between the opener and the door itself, there can be a lot of rattling, buzzing, squeaking, and other noises whenever the door opens or closes. These noises can be a sign that you need a Chandler garage door repair or maintenance. But even if everything is perfectly ok with your door and your opener, the noises can still be quite annoying and distracting.

Fortunately, there are solutions for making your garage a quieter space, and a garage door repair service can help. Here are seven things you need to check to achieve a completely silent garage door operation:

How To Stop Your Garage Door From Making Noise In Gilbert, AZ.

Garage Door Rollers

The rollers help the garage door glide smoothly through the track. If the rollers are not lubricated properly, they are going to squeal and screech. They might even bang about in the track. You need a Mesa garage door technician to lubricate the rollers and check for any signs of wear. Roller do need to be replaced after they reach a certain age.

Stop The Noise From Your Hinges

Hinges can also dry out and get noisy. They need to be lubricated regularly, and they need to be checked for signs of wear. Metal filings around the hinges are a sign that they are wearing down, as is a change in the shape of the hole where the pin connects to the hinge. Check these items periodically, and call a same day garage door service if you notice any signs of wear.

Loose Nuts & Bolts

Your garage door and components have a lot of nuts and bolts holding it all together. If any of these become loose, the door is likely to move too much during operation, creating a lot of noise. Hire a technician to inspect all the nuts and bolts and to tighten any that need it.

Garage Door Springs

The springs on your garage door need to be lubricated regularly, as well, or they will become very noisy. You may still get some noise, even with regular maintenance. If that is the case, you may want to talk to your garage door service about replacing your springs with a torsion spring system, which sits at the top of the door and is much less noisy.

The Track

Your garage door opens and closes inside the track. If any components are loose or in need of lubrication, including the track, there will be a lot of noise. As part of your routine maintenance, have a same day garage door service oil the track and tighten any parts that may be loose.

Garage Door Opener

The opener for your garage door has a lot of parts, and if any of them are loose or malfunctioning, that can cause a lot of noise. Frequently, a loose chain is the problem. Have a garage door repair technician take a closer look at your garage door opener if it is making noise. The technician can perform a repair or can replace the unit for you if it is aging out.

Is The Problem Your Garage Door?

Of course, the garage door itself can also be the culprit for all that noise. Have the door inspected to tighten up any loose fasteners. Then consider having the door insulated to block out noise from outside. Or, if you are about due for a new garage door installation, consider investing in a door that is already well-insulated.

You don’t have to live with a lot of banging and squealing and squeaking from your garage door. You can enjoy seeing but not hearing your garage door with the right tweaks. You just need a great garage door service on your side.

Get a Garage Door Repair Or Maintenance In Gilbert, AZ

Same Day Garage Door Services in Gilbert can help make your garage door operate silently, and can tend to any other maintenance or repairs that your garage door or garage door opener may need. We service and replace all types of garage doors and openers, and we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all our work. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have earned a top reputation throughout the East Valley for our exceptional workmanship and friendly service. Contact us in Gilbert today to schedule an appointment with a garage door repair technician.


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