Choosing a Garage Door Material That Fits Best For Your Arizona Home

Learn About Styles & Materials For Your New Garage Door

If you’re buying a new garage door soon, then you should know the basics about style and material choices. There are many of them! So you must find one that meets your needs best. The thing is, how to choose it? What are the best materials for an Arizona home? What should you avoid?

We have prepared this brief guide to help you. After all, buying garage doors in San Tan Valley should be more exciting than stressful, so here we give you some steps to follow.

Choosing a garage material in Arizona

Choose The Type Of Garage Door Construction

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are the most popular in the U.S. because they have horizontal panels pending together and fitting with rollers. 

This type of garage door has an entire assembly that rides in two parallel tracks. The heavy-duty torsion spring is wrapped around a torsion bar, serving as a counterbalance for the weight.

Thanks to this system, you can lift the door manually or electronically. The lifting can be direct-, bolt-, screw-, or chain-driven. 

You can choose to have sectional doors with or without windows. Some options include 15 panels in many shapes, such as arched and square. You can select many decorative styles as well, including traditional or contemporary. 

Sectional garage doors are common in carriage-house style, so they can be a great acquisition to enhance the outdoor appearance. 

Swing-Style Garage Doors

The other type of garage door construction is swing-style. Swing Style garage doors work similarly to a pair of big French doors. They are usually made of wood, and they are suspended from frames on hinges. 

Swing-style or carriage garage doors in Fountain Hills have strong vertical lines. These lines help integrate the garage area with the rest of the house. This way, the garage door area can look aesthetically pleasing from the outside. 

Swinging doors are also more energy-efficient because they only have one joint. Their only con is that they need more space. If you park too close to these doors, you won’t be able to open them. They are also more expensive to automate, and it’s more difficult to open them manually.

Choose The Best Option For Garage Door Materials

Garage doors can be made from different materials, just like entry doors. You can choose aluminum, wood, steel, fiberglass, etc. The wood look is the most common, but you decide which one you prefer according to your needs. 


Steel garage doors are made of two layers of galvanized steel. It has a surface painted or primed with a strong topcoat, and you can paint it from any color you like. You can choose a nice color that matches your home. Just remember to choose high-quality paint.

The only downside is that they are prone to corrosion, so they’re not good in coastal areas. 

Some garage doors in Sun Lakes are made of steel, but this is not the most popular material in this area. 


Wood garage doors are made of different layers that prevent warping. They can be made of cedar, fir, redwood, and meranti. They can also be finished on-site or factory-stained painted, meaning that you can customize them as you like. 

Wood Composite

Garage doors made with composite materials usually have a wood frame covered with layers of fiberboard. Some models provide higher-density fiber skins and include amazing details, like grooves. These doors are a good option for warmer areas where natural wood could retain too much heat.

The cores of these doors are normally filled with polystyrene insulation (the most common insulation in many doors). 


Fiberglass garage doors are made of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix. They are less prone to cracking or denting. Plus, they do not rust. 

To make these doors, manufacturers bond two layers of fiberglass to a steel frame and then fill them with polyurethane insulation. This preparation improves the door rigidity, although it can still break upon impact. 


You probably know these doors as ‘kid-proof’, as they are difficult to break. Vinyl garage doors in Glendale are built upon steel frames. Just like fiberglass and wood composite, they are also filled with polyurethane insulation. 

These doors are very similar to fiberglass, but they have fewer colors to choose from. Another pro of these doors is that they require little maintenance. 

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum panels eradicate the problem of rust, but unfortunately, they are easier to dent. These garage doors are available in many brushed finishes and colors. 

They are easy and fun to customize, but as you can see, resistance is not their advantage. 

Time To Contact A Garage Door Installation Service in Gilbert

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