Explaining Common Garage Door Keypad Defects

Why Your Garage Door Keypad Isn’t Working?

Undoubtedly, a garage door keypad is one of the most convenient appliances people own that they may not even think about. Keypads for Gilbert garage doors make life much easier when working or playing outside, taking the dog for a walk, or bringing your kids to the park. Instead of having to remember your keys or carry an awkward garage remote, you simply need to enter a short code to get in and out of your home. While garage door keypads certainly make access to your home much more convenient, they also offer the security of not having to hide a spare key outside under the mat or flowerpot. Your teenager, the babysitter, or a trusted neighbor can easily get in whenever needed. You’ll definitely want to keep the keypad to your Chandler garage door in working order!

Occasionally, you may enter the code only to discover the garage door keypad is no longer working as you expect it to. It’s easy to assume that something major is wrong and that you’ll need to contact a Gilbert garage door repair service to get it replaced. Sometimes, a malfunctioning garage door keypad is caused by a broken electrical connection; other times, there may be a problem with the garage door opener mechanism rather than the keypad itself. However, in most cases, the cause of a broken garage door keypad is relatively minor. When you find that your garage door keypad has stopped working, consider these common problems.

Why Your Garage Door Keypad Isn't Working In Gilbert, AZ

Defect #1: Your Garage Door Keypad Needs a New Battery

Nearly all garage door keypads are run on batteries. Unfortunately, keypads don’t operate like smoke detectors, which chirp or beep to signal a low battery; instead, garage door keypads will simply stop working. Before you worry that your garage door keypad needs to be replaced or has a major electrical issue, check for the simplest solution and replace the battery. Some homeowners find it helpful to store extra batteries in their garage for convenience in this situation. If the keypad lights up and resumes working after you replace the battery, you’ve solved your problem. If it’s still not working, consider this next solution before you contact a Scottsdale garage door repair service.

Defect #2: Get a Keypad Replacement

Of course, like all other electronic devices, garage door keypads have a limited lifespan. This is especially true of garage door keypads because they are attached to the outside of Gilbert garage doors and exposed to all kinds of weather – humidity, heat, cold, rain, and any other surprises that Mother Nature sends. Combined with age, exposure to the elements will eventually wear down a garage door keypad and cause it to malfunction.

You can verify the expected life expectancy of your garage door keypad by checking the manual or using a search engine to check your specific model. But generally, it will need to be replaced about every ten years. If your garage door keypad is on the older side, it can be a good idea to have it assessed by a Mesa garage door repair specialist. A professional may be able to tune up the keypad so it can keep working for years to come.

Defect #3: The Garage Door Keypad Needs Reprogramming Or Reseting

In some cases, entering in your code will close your garage door, but not allow it to open. In this situation, your garage door keypad may need to be reprogrammed. There can be several different reasons for why a garage door keypad needs reprogramming. Some models need to be reprogrammed every time the battery is replaced, so you’ll want to check that out if you have just put in a new battery. Other models may only remember your code for a certain time frame for security, and then you’ll need to program in a new one. If you’ve added a temporary code, sometimes the keypad can malfunction and need to be completely reprogrammed.

Since every garage door keypad is a little different, check your manual to learn the exact process for your model. However, usually you can find a “learn” button on the garage door opener in the light compartment. Again, check the manual for your garage door opener or keypad, which will provide you with the exact instructions for your model. While models will vary, most garage door openers will give you about thirty seconds to press the “learn” button, reprogram a new code, and press enter. If you’re not sure how to make your garage door opener and keypad work together, or can’t find your manuals, contact Gilbert garage door repair for assistance. They can help you either reprogram your keypad or troubleshoot any other issues that are preventing it from working correctly.

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