Faulty Garage Door Openers and How to Spot Them


A properly functioning garage door opener is essential to the health of your garage door, which itself is essential to the health of your garage and your home. If you have a faulty garage door opener, it can cause serious damage to the door.

And if the door is damaged, it leaves your home vulnerable to all kinds of problems, including theft and poor energy efficiency.


faulty garage door opener


You need to keep an eye on your garage door opener to make sure it is working properly. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call your local garage door repair service:


It’s Noisy

The motor in your garage door opener might make some noises while it opens and closes, but it should be relatively quiet.

Particular noises, such as grinding, screeching, scrapping, or rattling, are signs of a problem, as are ongoing loud noises.

These loud noises could be the gears inside of the motor grinding and slowing breaking down. (See article picture)

Eventually something could snap and your faulty garage door opener just turned into a broken one. 

If you start to hear any of these noises, you need to call a garage door repair service to have the garage door opener inspected.


The Garage Door Reverses

It can be pretty frustrating if you are in a hurry and trying to leave to get to your kid’s soccer game; you push the button in your car to close the door – it starts to go down and then reverses back up. 

There could be a few reasons for this to happen.

First, check to see if something is wrong with your safety sensors – which triggers your garage door to reverse open automatically if something is in the way of the door.

If they are working fine and nothing is in the way, check to see if there is any obstruction that is blocking the garage door’s path.

If there visually nothing wrong with your door, you may have a faulty garage door opener.


The Door Won’t Open or Close

An obvious sign that your garage door opener is not working is that when you hit the button, the garage door doesn’t actually open or close.

However, if the door is not opening or closing, it could be that there is something stuck in the tracks, preventing the door from moving.

Check the tracks to see if there is any obstacle first.

If there’s nothing there, try changing the batteries in the remote for the opener.

There are times that you might have lost power to the outlet that the garage door opener is plugged in to. 

Now quite often, if the door is not opening at all, there could be a broken spring. Call a certified garage door professional to inspect and replace the broken torsion springs. 


The Opener Only Works Randomly

Your garage door should open or close every time you hit the button on your remote or on your opener.

If it only works sometimes – or only works after you hit a button a certain number of times or do some other juju – chances are good that there’s a wiring problem with the opener.

A wiring issue can include loose or broken wires, which will give the motor intermittent power and connectivity.  

You need to call in a garage door technician to check out what’s going on and make repairs.


The Door Stalls or Gets Stuck

Your garage door should move smoothly in its track until it is finished opening completely or closing completely. If the door stalls or gets stuck on the way up or down, there’s a problem.

It could be that something is stuck in the tracks, or it could be that your garage door opener needs attention.

Don’t dismiss erratic functioning as a glitch. Even small disruptions in function are indications that there’s a problem.


Don’t Ignore the Problems!

Your garage door opener is too important to the health of your garage door to neglect. You need to pay close attention to the signs that there could be a problem and call in expert help as soon as possible.

Early intervention can minimize your costs and help you lengthen the life of your garage door opener, and your garage.

Keep an eye out for these issues and call in help as soon as it’s needed.


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