Garage Door Materials: What’s Best For You?


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The three most common garage door materials are steel, wood, and vinyl. Picking the one that is best suited for your Arizona home really boils down to personal preference.

There are more practical considerations to consider, such as long-term costs, maintenance, and flexibility.

Each material has its own set of pros and cons, which can range from issues with insulation to needing a garage door replacement to change the color.

The importance of necessary garage door maintenance, garage door repairs, and durability vary greatly between each of the following materials.

These factors may help to determine which garage door is right for you:



Steel Garage Door Repairs - Gilbert, AZ - Garage Door Materials

A steel garage door offers a more modern feel. Steel looks very sleek, and is very easy to keep clean in comparison to other materials.

There are several ways to customize a steel garage door, as the options regarding appearance and size are countless.

The long term garage door maintenance with a steel door is minimal, because steel isn’t going to peel or splinter when exposed to the Arizona elements. The swing in temperature from the cool of the winter to the blistering heat of the summer won’t damage a steel garage door.

Although the maintenance on a steel garage door is minimal, the material is easily dinged and dented. Aesthetically, depending on the original appearance you choose prior to the garage door installation, it could change the look you are going for.

One other drawback to steel is that it is not, itself, the best insulator. However, you can easily have it fitted to have insulation features.



Wood Garage Door - Gilbert, AZ - Garage Door Materials

Nothing adds that retro touch like a wooden garage door. The grain of the wood is aesthetically pleasing, and brings a little bit of that classic feel back.

Wood is very easy to customize, and can be cut into virtually any garage shape and/or size.

A wooden garage door can also withstand being banged around a bit, and unlike steel, won’t show every ding or dent.

Without proper garage door maintenance, the wood can split and crack over time, which could create more need for garage door repair in the long term. The maintenance on a wooden garage door is much greater than that of a steel door.

A wooden garage door requires fairly frequent repainting, as well as needing the bolts to be tightened pretty often.

In a humid climate, or a climate where it rains a lot, causing water to pool at the base of the garage door, a wooden garage door can experience swelling, which can become a major issue.

Wood is an insulating material, but does not offer as simple of a modification to add additional insulation. The cost of a wooden garage door installation can also cost more and require a stronger opener to handle the weight.


Wood on Steel

Wood and steel garage doors have many benefits on their own, but when combined, they add an entirely new level of efficiency, durability, and resale value to your home.

Since wood is a better insulator and steel is better for energy conservation and is overall much stronger than wood, combining the two provides an optimum material that requires far less maintenance than garage doors made of other materials.

On the outside of your garage, your door appears to be wood, adding curb appeal and value to your home should you wish to sell it in the future.

You can also find doors which have steel frames with wood panels, making for a beautiful and durable door that will last and last.


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