Give Your Garage a Facelift With These 5 Hacks


How To Organize Your Garage To Improve Its Functionality

Your garage is usually the place that yard tools and Christmas decorations go to die. Or, to put it less dramatically, to become long forgotten and disused. Your garage becomes more of a storage space than a place to park your car, and all that stuff does little more than collect dust and get in the way when you are trying to bring in the groceries.

You can clear out your garage and make it not only a functional space, but also a space that you like being in. You can upgrade many of the features, such as with a new Chandler garage door installation or even glossy floors. What you need depends on your ultimate goal and your starting point. Here are five hacks you might want to consider to give your garage a facelift:

How To Organize Your Garage To Improve Its Functionality In Gilbert, AZ.

Take Everything Out

Don’t try to clean or organize your garage while everything is still inside. You’ll just end up overlooking things or leaving them behind because your mind has become trained to see them in those places. To really get a fresh look at the place, you need to take everything out.

Put a few tarps on the driveway or the lawn, and take out everything inside the garage. Pretend you are moving, and strip the space down to the walls and floors. Then clean everything thoroughly. Sweep and mop the floor, wipe the shelves, and put on a fresh coat of paint.

Make Any Needed Replacements Or Repair

You may not have realized that certain things in your garage were wearing down since they were blocked by clutter. Now is the time to assess the state of things and make any needed replacements or repairs.

Pay special attention to your garage door. If the door isn’t opening and closing smoothly, have a same day garage door service take a look. Perform any needed maintenance or garage door repair service. If your door is aging, talk about your options for a new garage door installation. A new garage door will improve the look of the space while also ensuring safety and reducing maintenance.

Donate Or Throw Things Away

Before you put everything back in your garage and make it cluttered (yet clean) again, spend some time going through the things to determine what you no longer need. Throw away any items that are expired or broken. Be sure to recycle anything that would be harmful to put in the trash, such as old batteries or motor oil.

Consider donating any items that are still in good condition and are working. You’ll help someone out while also clearing your space of things that no longer serve you.

Group Items Together

Make it easier on yourself to find the things you need later by grouping items together. Put all your lawn tools and equipment in the same area of the garage. Put all your seasonal decorations on the same shelves. Put all your home repair items in the same cabinet.

By grouping items together, you’ll make it much easier to find the things you need, and you’ll be less likely to accidentally stock up on things you already have but didn’t realize.

Use Vertical Space

You aren’t limited by how much floor space you have in your garage. You can make it easier to move around your garage – and ensure that you always have space for your car – by making good use of the vertical space in your garage.

Use cabinets or hang shelves on the wall to store items. You can go all the way from floor to ceiling. You can even mount shelves on your ceiling to hold things like totes full of seasonal decorations or sporting equipment. Just be sure you hire a professional to hang the shelves so they don’t get in the way of your garage door opener.

Your garage can be a clean and inviting space with a few changes. Clearing out clutter will make a big impact, as will cleaning and organizing the space. However, if you want to make a really big difference, you should also consider replacing that aging garage door or garage door opener. A new garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal while also improving its overall safety and energy efficiency. A new garage door opener will also make using the garage door a lot easier, and it can cut down on the noise whenever you open the door.

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