How Arizona Seasons Can Affect Your Garage Door


Your garage door will last for many years if you care for it properly. Not only does that mean getting Chandler garage door repair when it is needed, but it also means giving it the appropriate maintenance and understanding how that maintenance needs to change with the seasons.

Arizona has a consistently sunny climate, but there are temperature fluctuations that can influence the materials used in your home, including in your garage door.

It’s important that you understand how the Arizona seasons can affect your garage door so that you can save yourself a lot of calls to a Mesa garage door repair service (and save some money while you’re at it). Here’s what you need to know:

how seasons can affect your garage door



So much of the year seems like summer in the Gilbert and Tempe areas. We are fortunate to have sunny skies and warm temperatures for much of the year, which is part of what makes the area so popular for travelers and people looking for a new place to live.

However, those high temperatures can also cause problems for wood and other home materials.

The heat and the humidity during the summer months can cause wood, especially, to expand and contract, which can cause warping and cracking in the garage door. You can protect the door by giving it a coat of stain and a polyurethane sealant every two years or so. 

Intense sunlight can also cause problems for the photoelectric sensors in your garage door. The sunlight can cause phantom obstructions when it shines directly on the sensors, which can make your garage door reverse when you don’t want it to.

Not only can that be irritating, but it could also put strain on your garage door that could lead to damage. You can install sun shields to protect the sensors and keep them working properly.



There isn’t much of a winter in the Gilbert and Tempe area, but there is one. The colder temperatures and the lower humidity levels can create problems for your garage door springs. Specifically, the springs can dry out, which can make it harder for your garage door to move smoothly in its tracks and can even lead to the springs breaking.

You need to lubricate the springs and the components to keep them moving properly and healthy. Use a professional-grade white lithium grease or other lubricant designed for garage door springs. Lubricate the springs and their parts every six months.

With the right Tempe garage door maintenance, you can extend the life of your garage door so that it gives you many more years of reliable service. You will also keep your garage door from breaking down, so that you aren’t scrambling to call a same day garage door service to get it back up and running again. Of course, maintaining your door also reduces the risk of serious injury as a result of a garage door malfunction, and you can’t put a price on your family’s health and safety.

Make sure you are keeping these seasonal challenges in mind when you are developing a maintenance plan for your garage door.


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