How Do You Fix a Dented Garage Door? 6 Tips From Our Experts



Fixing Your Dented Garage Door


Have you monitored the condition of your garage door recently? Are you taking good care of it? If not, maybe it’s time for you to check it out. Your garage door keeps anything you have in storage safe from extreme temperatures, theft, and other external elements.

Keeping your garage door in good condition is essential!

dented garage door

Sadly, a bad storm, an accident with your car, or even a soccer ball can cause dents in your garage door and change its appearance for bad. The good news is that you can fix your door without much effort, especially if you contact a trusted Ahwatukee and the greater Phoenix area garage door repair service.


Read below six tips to know what to do with a dented garage door.


Notice: We do not offer dented garage door repair services. Garage door metal is thin and textured and repairing dents is not guaranteed. Several of these tips are techniques derived from automotive dent repair and could be potential options for DIY repair.

why we don't fix dents on garage doors


Check The Damage


You can attempt to repair a dented garage door with numerous methods, but before that, you must know about the damage. You can speed up that part by determining whether your section interferes with opening and closing.

Remove any personal items or vehicles from the area before doing this task (remember your garage door handles high tension levels). 

Contact a garage door professional if your garage door cannot open or close correctly, and avoid trying any major repair on your own. 


Using A Mallet To Hammer Out The Dent


Steel garage doors are very malleable, so you can follow these steps if you have a steel garage door:

  1. Use soap and warm water to wash the dented surface
  2. Use a wood block and mallet for the repair.
  3. Move to the opposite side of the dent.
  4. Put the wood block over the dent
  5. Tap the indentation with the mallet until it goes back to normal.

This method is perfect for small indentations, but deep dents may require grit sandpaper and auto body filler for better results. 


Using Suction Cups To Fix Dents


This technique is common in many automotive repairs, as it can be place directly where the damage is located to be pulled out.

Metal respond well to suction cups. These tools pull outward in a set direction, allowing the dented metal to get rid of dings and bumps. 

Suction cups are great for small-scale jobs. Plus, they are easy to use.


Using Heat To Repair The Indentation


Metal garage doors can shift back quickly with rapid heating and cooling. It’s an effective method for many car repair experts. A technician may use aluminum foil, a heat source, and a can of compressed air to repair the dented door. These are the steps to follow: 

  1. Wash the dented surface.
  2. Place and stretch aluminum foil over the dented area.
  3. Heath the aluminum foil with a heat source (for one minute).
  4. Remove the foil quickly.
  5. Spray the indentation with compressed air (for 30 seconds or one minute).
  6. Carbon monoxide should pop the panel back in place. 


Replace The Garage Door Sections


Depending on the damage, you may need to install brand new garage door sections, especially if your door requires major repairs. Your trusted technician can contact the manufacturer of the garage door assembly and find the best replacements (with the same size, shape, and color) if they are still being made.

Do not replace your panels without professional service, as it involves working with a lot of high-tension parts.


Work With A Trusted Garage Door Repair Service In Gilbert


Our last recommendation is probably the most important: contact an expert to get professional results. DIY projects for garage doors can be dangerous. Let the experts do the job and fix your dented garage door efficiently. 


If you are looking to replace dented garage door sections, contact Same Day Garage Door Services. With over 20 years of experience, we can guarantee high-quality service at any time. Call us now to schedule an appointment!


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