How Much Difference Does An Insulated Garage Door Make?


Garage Door Insulation: Is It The Best Choice For You?

Homeowners who are installing or replacing their home’s garage doors might be wondering if insulated garage doors really make a difference. While insulated garage doors can be a good option for many, they may not necessarily be the best choice for everyone, so it’s worth doing some homework and looking into before making a final decision. 

You’ll want to consider what is stored inside your garage and whether protecting those items from extreme temperatures is worthwhile. Since the garage door is probably the largest opening into your home, it’s also the largest source of heat and cool air loss. Insulating your garage door can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Before you decide whether an insulated garage door is right for you, learn more from Gilbert garage door installation so you can make the best choice.

Garage Door Insulation: Is It The Best Choice For You In Arizona

What Is Garage Door Insulation?

Simply stated, garage door insulation is an extra layer of material that helps prevent the transfer of heat or cold through your garage door. A variety of materials may be used depending on the climate you live in and what type of door you have. Like home insulation, garage door insulation is graded on the R-value scale, a system that measures the effectiveness of a particular material at preventing heat loss.

How Are Garage Doors Insulated?

There are four main ways that garage doors can be insulated. You can add insulation to an existing garage door yourself if desired, or hire Chandler garage door repairs to install it for you. The easiest way to get the job done is to hire a professional to install a pre-insulated garage door. But regardless of what method you choose, you’ll find these four materials are most commonly used:

Foam board insulation: You can purchase a kit at a home improvement store if you want to DIY this type of insulation. These kits come with pre-cut foam insulation panels that fit most standard garage door frames. Ideally, purchase a kit that has reflective foil on one or both sides of the insulation to further deter heat from entering your garage.

Spray foam insulation: This popular method takes more time to apply than foam boards, but will last longer. Both the polystyrene and polyurethane forms are liquid styrofoam with a high density that will insulate effectively.

Cellulose insulation: Like spray foam, cellulose insulation must be sprayed, but it will provide even better results. Cellulose is made from organic materials such as plant fibers, cotton, wood, or even recycled materials. However, it is more expensive than foam boards or spray foam insulations.

Fiberglass insulation: This is the least expensive type of insulation that you can buy. It comes in insulation batt panels and is best applied on the interior of the garage door.

Most pre-insulated garage doors are manufactured with polyurethane spray foam between two layers of steel.

What Are The Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door?

Not all garage doors are insulated, so you may be wondering if it’s worth the additional cost. Here are some of the most common reasons why homeowners choose a garage door with insulation from Glendale garage door repair service:

Better protection for items stored in the garage: Getting an insulated garage door helps regulate the temperature of your garage and protects the items inside from significant temperature fluctuations. If you store tools, camping gear, vehicles, pool maintenance equipment, gardening supplies, or other belongings inside your garage, you probably want to help extend their lifespan by storing them inside a garage with insulated doors. 

Increased energy efficiency: Beyond preserving your belongings, an insulated garage door offers the huge advantage of helping you save money on utility bills. In Arizona’s extreme heat, this can mean an insulated garage door is a worthwhile investment for most people. If you have an extra freezer in your garage, insulating the door means the freezer won’t have to work so hard. An insulated garage door is also a good idea if you have living space above or next to the garage, because it prevents hot or cold air from escaping so that your HVAC system can run more efficiently.

Quieter garage door operation: An underestimated benefit of an insulated garage door is that it operates more quietly, so it’s less likely to disturb people inside your home. This can be really helpful if you leave for work very early or very late. You won’t have to worry about waking your family since the insulation muffles the noise of the garage door opener. 

Increased garage door strength: Since insulation provides an additional layer of material, it strengthens your garage door and makes it more resistant to damage. This increases the overall lifespan of your garage door, saving you money in the long-term.

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