How Often Should I Get My Garage Door Opener Serviced?

The Importance Of Preventive Garage Door Maintenance In Arizona

Your garage door and its components need routine service to keep working correctly, so you shouldn’t ignore its maintenance. However, most homeowners do not know how often garage door openers should be serviced, which is why we are ready to help.

Generally speaking, Gilbert garage doors should be serviced once a year or when there’s a problem. But, there are some factors to consider before calling the garage door repair service. Continue reading below to find out.

The Importance Of Preventive Garage Door Maintenance In Arizona

Do Garage Doors Need A Maintenance Service?

Yes, garage doors do need efficient maintenance throughout their lifespan to work properly. This is crucial to avoid spending more money on repairs because the cost of repairs is much higher than what’s associated with maintenance.

A consistent and timely maintenance service can make your garage door last longer. It also avoids hazards from the environment, including humidity, extreme weather conditions, among others.

Many homeowners wait for a tangible reason to consider garage door opener maintenance, but that shouldn’t be the case. It is not the best approach to this matter. Do not wait for the worst to happen to take care of your garage door and its components.

The frequency of garage door maintenance will vary depending on the type of garage door and potential risks in the environment. In short, remember that all garage doors should get serviced. 

How Often Should They Be Serviced?

As previously mentioned, the frequency varies from door to door. Nonetheless, most garage doors need a Gilbert garage door repair at least every 3000 cycles. This number of cycles as the maximum timespan may increase for some users and decrease for others.

Most users should consider a moderate frequency of use for their garage doors services, meaning that they should contact these services every 12 months, or at least twice a year.

Extreme climate conditions also influence the garage door maintenance frequency. We highly recommend having the garage door service in the fall or spring, when you need to prepare for extreme temperatures (whether it is cold or hot temperatures).

If you use the garage door opener often, you will need a more consistent garage door maintenance service. You can make sure the garage door is serviced quarterly, and remember to do regular private check ups if necessary.

How To Maintain A Garage Door Opener In Good Condition

A balanced combination of garage door services and basic user maintenance throughout the year is the best way to keep a garage door opener in great condition. Monthly checkups can also be useful to make sure the entire garage door system is working correctly. 

Many people think that the only way to keep the maximum efficiency for your garage door is by getting a Glendale garage door repair service, but that’s not true. You can also prolong the life of your garage door by checking focal areas that usually cause problems (like gears and springs), or checking if the garage door opener functions as usual.

Another thing you can try is seeing if you can open the door without the opener from the outside. If the door closes completely and smoothly, then everything is fine. But, if you need excessive force to open it, then there may be a problem.

Noises are also an indicator of something wrong. Odd sounds may indicate the need for the lubrication of metallic parts, like rollers and springs.

You can grease the gears and rails, but be careful while doing it to avoid accidents in your hands. Do not try a full-on garage door servicing by yourself, you can leave that to professionals only.

How Much Does A Maintenance Service Cost?

here’s no “one size fits all” when talking about the cost of garage door maintenance. It can range from $120 to $400. It all depends on the type of service and the items required for the job.

For example, springs cost up to $250, and openers for Gilbert garage doors cost an average of $150, so you should consider that as the final price. Other items like cables, tracks, and circuit boards have prices ranging from $50 to $300.

Keep in mind that the maintenance for manual garage doors is usually less expensive than automatic doors. As you can see, the total cost of a garage door service will vary depending on what work has to be done.

 Contact A Garage Door Repair Service In Gilbert

Now that you know how often you should get your garage door opener serviced, it’s time for you to contact a trusted garage door service company when needed.

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