How To Pick The Right Springs For Your Garage Door

Which Torsion Spring Do I Need For My Garage Door?

When it’s time to change the springs for your garage door, you might think you only need high-quality springs and an Ahwatukee garage door company that fits them. But it’s far more complicated than that. There’s a lot to know when it comes to choosing springs, including what they are, what they do, and how to choose them effectively.

Mechanical springs guarantee the proper operation of many items and equipment, including farm machinery and garage doors. 

Depending on your purpose, different spring wire varieties and coatings may give better reliability, durability, and longevity. Oil-tempered, powder-coated, and galvanized springs are three of the spring types and finishes that many people use the most frequently. 

But these are only a few you can find in the market, so let’s check below how you can opt for the best one for your garage door.

Torsion Spring in Your Garage Door in Arizona

Oil-Tempered Springs

Oil-tempered wire springs are different from ordinary torsion springs due to their blackish color. While some people prefer the silvery appearance of coated and galvanized metals, others are happy with the tried-and-true functionality of oil-tempered wire springs.

What Exactly Is An Oil-Tempered Spring?

It’s a spring that comes from filtered high-carbon steel wires. These wires go through multiple oil-tempered heating cycles until getting the robust, flexible, and long-lasting spring we see on many garage doors. 

It’s a great option, but you must talk about it with an Apache Junction garage door company before purchasing it. Although common, this type of spring is recommended only for some garage doors. 

What Are The Benefits Of Oil-Tempered Springs?

Many industrial professionals choose durability for their springs. Therefore, oil-tempered springs continue to be one of the most popular. Moreover, they have the following benefits: 

  • Oil-tempered springs are long-lasting. 
  • They rarely need adjustments.
  • They are quiet compared to other springs.

Galvanized Springs

Early in the 1990s, homeowners and home builders started looking for alternatives to the oil-tempered spring used in garage doors. That’s when galvanized springs appeared.

They superficially resemble a silvery variation of the dark-colored oil-tempered wire spring, but their manufacturing process is different. 

What Exactly Is A Galvanized Spring?

Galvanized wire springs are created from the same metal wire as oil-tempered springs. Similarly, the galvanized wire spring is first put through a series of dies before being dipped in hot zinc. The process is complete once the wire has attained the desired length and thickness. This gives the wire a layer of protection that prevents rust or moisture from damaging it.

What Are The Benefits Of Galvanized Springs?

If you love the sleek aesthetic of silver for garage door parts, you may prefer galvanized springs instead of other options. Your Chandler garage door company may also recommend you this option if you want to take advantage of these benefits:

  • They’re not greasy because they don’t require oil for their production.
  • Thanks to their zinc coating, they are mostly resistant to corrosion.

Powder-Coated Springs

Other materials besides zinc can protect steel from external damage, especially when we talk about torsion springs.

Powder-coated wire springs are the newest type of spring. This option is popular among manufacturers and homeowners because of its good looks, durability, and spotless surface.

What Exactly Is Powder-Coated Springs?

Similar to galvanized springs, powder-coated wire springs appeared near the end of the 20th century. They were used as substitutes for oil-tempered springs. 

Their manufacturing involves a special process where the manufacturers use paint to cover the wires and electrical bonding to seal the coat.

Torsion springs look fantastic in many applications. This design is common in modern residences. These springs should last for a reasonable amount of time, even if the coating isn’t fully failsafe.

What Are The Benefits Of Powder-Coated Springs?

Manufacturers frequently select powder-coated torsion springs because they desire visually beautiful springs that can survive the elements for long periods. 

When talking about springs with your Ahwatukee garage door company, the powder-coated springs might appear as a recommendation, especially if you look for these benefits: 

  • They have a beautiful appearance (they’re often considered more attractive than old-fashioned oil-tempered springs).
  • They’re moisture-resistant
  • They don’t leave oily residues.

How To Choose The Right One

The price and appearance of spring may be the first characteristics that come to mind while shopping for a new torsion spring, but it’s best to take into account all of the following:

    • Durability: If this is your main concern, you should opt for oil-tempered wire springs
    • Appearance: This is a subjective matter, so it’s all up to you. If you prefer black surfaces, go for oil-tempered springs, but if you prefer the silvery appearance of steel, consider coated or galvanized wire springs.
  • Resistance: Rust is the worst enemy of steel. Therefore, if you need a rust-resistance spring, opt for galvanized wire springs. 
  • Maintenance frequency: Budget-conscious buyers should be aware that some spring types require more maintenance than others. Simply put, oil-tempered springs will rarely need maintenance, while galvanized wire springs may require at least one per year. 
  • Your budget: To choose the best alternative, compare the costs of coated torsion springs, galvanized wire springs, and oil-tempered springs.

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