How To Tell If Your Garage Door Sensors Are Malfunctioning

5 Warning Signs That Your Garage Door Sensor Is Not Working

Sensors are important parts of your garage door. They create a beam across the full width of the garage door opening to detect any blockages. If anything is in the line of the garage door, such as your small child, your car, or personal belongings, the sensors will detect it and keep the door from closing. Garage door sensors can prevent your child from being seriously injured or killed or keep your vehicle from being seriously damaged.

It’s important that you maintain your garage door sensors, and that you get immediate Mesa garage door repair service if you notice any problems. Here are a few ways you can tell if your garage door sensors are malfunctioning:

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The Garage Door Won’t Close

If your sensors detect something in the line of “sight,” the garage door won’t close. Or it may start to close and then reopen. If your garage door is doing either of these things, but you don’t see anything blocking the sensors, there may be a malfunction in the sensors themselves. 

Sometimes, you can test for malfunctioning sensors by putting two cardboard boxes in front of them. If the garage door still closes and either crushes the boxes or hits them before reopening, your sensors are malfunctioning. But even if your door passes this cardboard box test, you should always consult with a garage door repair service in Mesa t if you notice that your door is acting erratically.

The Sensor Lights are Off or Blinking

On each garage door sensor, you will see a light. One should have a green light to indicate that it is sending a beam, and the other should have a red light to indicate that it is receiving the beam. If one of the lights has gone out, or if one of the lights is blinking, it means that there is a disruption in the communication or the sensors are misaligned.

If you are having any trouble with the way your garage door opens or closes, check the lights on your sensors. Call a same day garage door service if you notice that a light is out or is blinking.

The Sensors are Dirty

Dust and debris can accumulate on the sensor lenses, which can make it hard for the sensors to work properly and can cause problems with the way the garage door opens and closes. Humidity can also build up inside the sensor, causing the lenses to become blurred or blocked by moisture.

You can try cleaning the lenses from the outside to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t, call a garage door repair service to take a closer look.

The Power is Out

Of course, if no power is flowing to the sensors, they are not going to work. You can easily check to see if the sensors are powered by looking at the lights on them. If both lights are out, the sensors are not being powered. The problem could be as simple as a wire being loose, or there could be a blown fuse or another problem.

It’s not wise to try to investigate or correct electrical problems on your own. Call a same day garage door service for expert assistance.

The Sensor Wires are Damaged

The wires that are connected to your garage door sensors can also become damaged, which can prevent the sensors from working. The wire may become tangled, or it may be damaged by a nail or staple in the wall. Wires can also be incorrectly routed from an improper installation.

Again, always call a garage door repair technician in Mesato handle electrical issues. If you notice any problem with your wiring, call a service to let them know what you found, and then let the professionals handle the repair.

Your garage door sensors are some of the most important components of your garage door. They contribute to the smooth operation and overall safety of your garage door. Be sure that you maintain your sensors by cleaning them regularly and having them inspected by a professional. If you notice these or other signs that your sensors are not working, call a trusted Mesa garage door repair service to inspect the sensors and make whatever repairs are necessary.

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