How & Why You Should Use Garage Door Lubricant

The Advantages Of Lubricant For Your Garage Door

Garage door lubrication is necessary because it prevents corrosion from occurring within the garage door opener. Corrosion can cause the garage door mechanism to malfunction and eventually fail. The good news is that garage door lubricants are usually inexpensive and easy to apply.

Applying garage door lubricant is not as difficult as you think, but you must consider some recommendations first. In this article, we’ll explain why and how you should apply the lubricant so you can prolong your garage door’s lifespan.

Try the following before calling an Ahwatukee garage door repair service.

Lubricant For Your Garage Door in Arizona

Why Should You Apply Lubricant To Your Garage Door?

Your garage door is one of the heaviest moving parts in your house, so it needs special attention. The tracks, rollers, springs, and hinges need proper maintenance once every few months to keep the garage door working properly. 

Here are some of the reasons why using garage door lubricant is so crucial:

It Reduces Noise

Your garage door has many moving parts. You have rollers and hinges that make noise when they wear out or are not correctly installed. The entry also contains screws, roller bearings, and springs, to name a few components. Lubricating these parts once a year usually solve any noise issues.

Avoid Rusty Locks

Many homeowners neglect garage door lock maintenance. Not everyone has a modern garage door opener; some still have a traditional lock-and-key system at home. Unfortunately, those systems need special care to avoid getting locked out.

If you do not lubricate the lock, it may rust. The next time you insert the key into the lock, you will encounter resistance. Avoid lockouts by lubricating the lock while performing other lubrication tasks. This way, you won’t have to call an Apache Junction garage door repair service late at night!

Taking Care Of Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges allow the door panels to fold and unfold when the door raises and lowers. If you’ve ever tried to open or close a garage door with broken hinges, you know how difficult it is to move the door. 

While a garage door opener relieves you of the burden of opening and closing the door, it does not relieve the pressure on the hinges. Lubricating hinges aids in their function, preventing the garage door opener from overworking.

The Rollers Receive Proper Attention

You can tell rollers need lubrication if they make an unpleasant screeching noise. Garage door rollers allow your garage door to move smoothly up and down the track, so you shouldn’t ignore them. 

Lubricant allows for an additional layer of protection between the track and roller, resulting in smoother movement.

How To Use A Garage Door Lubricant

Before you consider greasing your garage door, you should complete a few other maintenance tasks. These include tightening the chain, checking the hinges, and ensuring that all bolts and nuts are tight. 

While doing these tasks, you may notice other potential issues that could contribute to unpleasant noise and strange movements. A Chandler garage door repair service may be necessary if you think that greasing your garage door won’t be enough. 

After completing these maintenance tasks, close the garage door and turn off the power before proceeding with the steps below.

Step 1: Vacuum & Clean The Garage Door Tracks

Cleaning the garage door tracks is the first step in lubricating garage doors. The tracks must be clean to make the rollers move smoothly.

Vacuum any dust or large debris from the tracks. Then, using a damp rag, wipe away any remaining dirt or dust.

Step 2: Lubricate The Hinges & Rollers

Now you can start lubricating! Keep in mind that lithium-based or silicone grease is best.

Carefully lift the door to lubricate the hinges (or have someone help you lift it). Spray or wipe the hinges with grease as the door bends along the track. After that, lubricate the rollers.

Step 3: Continue With The Bearing Plates & Springs

You’ll probably need a ladder for this step, so get one first.

To lubricate these parts, thoroughly spray or wipe them with grease. Open the garage door after applying the grease. This motion will help you distribute it more evenly. 

If you notice that the door’s springs are damaged, contact an Ahwatukee garage door repair service to replace them ASAP. 

Step 4: Lubricate The Top Rail And Arm Bar

If you’re not familiar with the top rail, it’s the part that runs parallel to the ceiling. You must lubricate it too. 

You’ll also have to spray or wipe the arm bar to ensure smooth operation. This part connects the garage door to the top rail. 

Step 5: Lubricate The Lock And Double-Check Everything

Finally, lubricate the garage door lock. This will keep the lock from rusting and will make locking and unlocking the door easier.

Then, reconnect the power supply to the door and test it to see if it works.

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