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How To Tell If Your Garage Door Cable Is Damaged


A garage door cable is going to need a replacement eventually. And even if it doesn’t break now, you may want to replace it once you start having problems with your garage door. With all that said, you may be wondering when it’s the best time to replace the garage door cable and not lose money in vain.

You should always ensure your garage door is working right per sé. Ahwatukee garage doors are heavy, so they can cause injury to anyone or your vehicle if there’s a malfunction. Therefore, ignoring your garage door cable function is not a good idea; you must ensure it is working perfectly too.

If you don’t know how to tell if your garage door cable is damaged or not, keep reading below. We will explain the top five signs that say it might be time to call a pro.

Repairing a garage door in Arizona

What Are Garage Door Cables?

Before checking the signs for replacement, let’s learn first what a garage door cable is.

Most garage doors use springs and pulley systems to lift the garage door up and down. The garage door cables are the items that attach the door and the pulley drums so the energy by the spring can raise and lower the door. In other words, garage door cables engage and move every time you open or close your garage door.

Since they are crucial for a garage door system, they often need replacements. Fortunately, there are some signs to look for that can help you know the best time to replace these components.

Do not try to replace the cables using DIY methods. Always contact an Apache Junction garage door repair service to avoid accidents or wrong installations.

Damaged Bearings 

Bearings allow the door cables to move properly. They may cause damage to the garage door cables once they start to wear out. If that happens, you may act fast, as they may cause excessive pressure to the garage door cables, leading to further damage over time.

Defective bearings usually cause loud grinding or squeaking noises while the door moves. There may be visible signs of damage on your cables too, especially if you notice a burnt smell in the affected area. You should not ignore these symptoms because they indicate you may already have defective bearings.

Loud Noises

If you hear loud bangs from the garage but don’t see anything weird when investigating, your garage door may not be functioning properly. In many cases, the garage door cables make that noise because they are under a lot of tension. 

Your garage door springs or cables can cause an explosive sound when there’s a problem with their functioning. Call a professional immediately if you hear a loud BANG and you are unsure of the origin. You should call someone who specializes in Chandler garage door repair to solve the problem immediately.

Strange Door Alignment

You should be able to notice if the door alignment is off. If that is so, your garage door may have issues with the cables. It is more notorious if your garage door does not raise and lower smoothly.

You may even hear the garage door scraping against other materials when the alignment is off. Pay special attention to the alignment to know if your cables need a replacement. 

Loose Cables

Your garage door cables should not be loose. If the garage door cables seem loose or they are not well attached, you should call a professional immediately as they may need a replacement. If a garage door cable has fallen off, do not try to move your garage door as it may not work well with its mechanism. 

The Garage Door Is Not Working Properly

One of the most common signs of garage door cable replacement is door malfunctioning. If your garage door moves too quickly or slowly, you may need to replace the cables. 

Stop using your garage door immediately if you notice any issue with it. It may be dangerous to keep using it while it is not working correctly.

A Gilbert Garage Door Repair Service That Won’t Let You Down

If you notice any of these signs, call a professional to repair your garage door cables as soon as possible. At Same Day Garage Door Services, we ensure fast and reliable service to ensure your garage door keeps working properly. We offer quality door installations and repairs at a great price, so call us now to get started!



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