How Rolling Code Protects Your Garage Door from Thieves

Think about all the security features that you have on your front door – steel construction, advanced locks that are not easy to pick, kick plates, deadbolts, and maybe even a storm door that adds an extra barrier to entry.

Now think about what you have on your garage door – probably nothing more than an automatic opener.

Let’s discover how to protect your garage door from theft!

How rolling code protects Your garage door from thieves

Why do you have so much working to protect an entry width of about three feet, but you have so little for a door that spans 16 feet or more?

Thieves can easily hack your automatic garage door opener to gain entry and steal whatever valuables you have in your garage, including your car.

Once they are in your garage, they have a better chance of getting into your home also.

Not only are the doors connecting the garage and house very secure usually, but the thieves will also have the cover of the garage to raid your home for valuables.

Some even pull a truck or van right up to the open garage and unload. Passerby just think you’re moving or having work done on the house.


Security on Garage Door Openers

The first generation of garage door openers used a simple code to communicate with the remote in your car. The problem was that these openers all used the same code.

Any person with a remote for that same brand of door opener could get into your garage with their remote. So all thieves had to do was get a door opener or a transmitter and see what doors popped open.

The next generation of door openers was a little more secure, but not much. They allowed users to put in their own code, so everyone could have a unique ID.

However, many people just left the original code and didn’t change it – kind of like how you do when someone gives you a generic password for your work login. Many thieves found great success with using that generic code to gain entry to many homes.

Many current model garage door openers use a “rolling code,” which means that they provide a new code every time they are used. The code is automatically generated from a possible 4.3 billion combinations.

Hackers will have to work away at the codes for quite a while before they can break in!


Keeping Your Garage Door Secure

In addition to using an automatic door opener with a rolling code, you can take several other steps to make your garage more secure.

For starters, don’t assume your garage door is “locked” just because it’s closed. Even though thieves are less likely to now hack your opener, they can still figure out a way to manually open the door.

Liftmaster offers an automatic lock on select models that gives your garage door an extra layer of protection. As soon as the door closes, the device locks the behind you.

Liftmaster is well-known for its high-quality line of rolling code garage door openers, and its new lock is already receiving excellent reviews for its reliable performance and security.

Many recommend that you put a deadlock on your garage door if you are going on vacation, but with the automatic lock, you will be protected all the times.

Not only does Liftmaster provide automatic locking mechanisms, but they also offer smartphone technology that helps give you peace of mind knowing that your garage door and home are secure.


Have Piece of Mind With LiftMaster MyQ Technology

With the MyQ technology, you can login on your smartphone and monitor and control your garage door from anywhere.

Have you ever forgotten if you closed your garage or not? You can login to the MyQ app to check on your garage door, and it will even give you real time alerts when your garage door is being opened or closed.

Keeping your garage door secure can help protect your home, and these tips can make your garage door as secure as possible.

Of course, you can’t do much about what thieves do, and there is a possibility that they will use muscle to try to force their way into your home through the garage door.

With a high-quality garage door, you might end up with some damage on the door, but the thieves likely won’t make it through to your home.


How Same Day Garage Door Services Can Help You

If your door is damaged during an attempted (or successful) break in, Same Day Garage Door Services can provide fast garage door repair to make your home look great and be secure again. Our Arizona technicians work on all types of garage doors, and they provide fast and quality service.

They can also perform routine garage door maintenance to ensure that your door works properly and continues to provide security, or they can perform a new garage door installation to give you the protection you need. Contact us today to learn more about our garage door services in Arizona.


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