Securing Your Home & Your Garage With These Critical Safety Tools

Garage Door Technicians Share Tips For a Safe & Secure Garage Door In Arizona

Your garage door is one, big opening for thieves and home intruders. You may have a false sense of security about how difficult it would be for an intruder to get in through the garage door. After all, you may have gotten locked out of it yourself a time or two and had to call a same day garage door service to get back in.

However, you can’t take your garage door security for granted. You need to install security features in Chandler to make sure it provides your home with maximum protection, keeping out burglars and protecting your belongings and your family. Here are a few essential safety features you should consider adding if you don’t already have them:

Garage Door Technicians Share Tips For a Safe & Secure Garage Door In Chandler, AZ

Motion-Activated Lights

A lot of burglars like to creep around at night – if not for actually breaking into your home, then for scoping it out to determine the best ways to enter. You can take away the cover of night by adding motion-activated lights. As soon as someone crosses the pathway of the sensors, the whole area will light up. It can be enough to deter thieves. If it’s not, at least you’ll have light to spot any troublemakers or to catch them on camera.

Foggy Glass

Some of the more stylish garage doors have windows in them. The windows may be relatively small, but they are large enough to give thieves a good glimpse at what’s inside your garage. They may scope out your garage to see if it has anything valuable inside, or they may look through the windows to figure out a way to get into your home.

Block their view by installing foggy windows. You can get the same look you want for your Mesa garage door, but you will make it harder for thieves to scout your valuables.

Garage Door Opener

The right garage door opener can make your garage door secure. A door opener will make it very difficult to open the door if the person does not have the right remote. Advanced garage door openers include features like rolling security codes that make it harder for them to be hacked.

Talk to a garage door repair service in Gold Canyon to make sure that your garage door opener is working properly and has the proper features to protect your garage door and your home. If the opener is dated or does not have the right features, consider upgrading your garage door opener.

Other Measures That Do Not Require Installing New Safety Features

There are other steps you can take that do not involve installing new features. To start, you can trim any landscaping that is near your garage. Intruders may hide out in the bushes waiting for the garage door to open so they can slip inside. You can remove these opportunities and make it easier to spot intruders by trimming bushes and other landscape features near your garage. Also trim the area around the rear entrance.

Another step you can take to make your garage more secure is to keep the remote for your Queen Creek garage door opener inside. If you leave it in your car, an intruder need only smash a window to grab it and get inside your house. You could even forget to lock your car, and then the intruder would only need to open the door to get inside. Always leave your opener inside the house when you are home. Keep it on your person when you are not at home.

Making these small changes can have a big impact on your home’s security. Make the changes you can yourself, then work with a garage door repair service in Scottsdale to make the other changes. Your garage door service can make sure everything is working properly and can make whatever upgrades are needed.

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