The Importance of Garage Door Safety Sensors


One of the most important components of your garage door are the safety sensors.

Typically, the sensors pass an infrared beam across the length of the door to detect when any objects are in the way of the door closing. If any objects or people are detected in the path of the door, the door won’t close.

The safety sensors prevent the garage door from crushing your property or from closing down on members of your family or your pets.


Safety sensors


Your garage door is an expensive piece of equipment for your home that does a whole lot more than just close an opening on your home. Its mechanisms are also much more complicated than you might think, so you need to care for it properly to keep it in working condition and to protect your investment.

Here are a few of the reasons that properly working safety sensors on your garage door are so important, and why you should talk to a trusted local garage door repair company to make sure they’re operating properly:



Sensors Provide an Extra Set of “Eyes”


You can’t always see when something is in the way of your garage door closing. The sensor may even stop the door, and you may have a hard time figuring out why at first.

You may think it’s malfunctioning. Then you notice that a box is sticking out into the path of the door or a bike has fallen over into its path.

With the extra set of “eyes” that garage door sensors provide, you can prevent an accident that would destroy valuable property or that would seriously harm a loved one or a pet.

If your garage door sensors malfunction, you could easily overlook a hazard and have an unfortunate accident on your hands. This is a safety feature that your garage door repair company take seriously.


Children and Pets Move Erratically


Even if you are very vigilant and know that you have the all-clear before closing your garage door, a dog could suddenly run under the garage door or your children could come running through and try to slide under the door like Indiana Jones.

Children and pets are unpredictable, and they are fast. They can move before you have time to stop them, and if the sensors weren’t here to stop the door from closing, your loved ones could be seriously injured.

Of course, you should talk to your children about property garage door safety, and you should keep your pets restrained. However, the garage door sensor provides an extra safety measure to prevent a tragedy.


The Sensors are Low to the Ground


Too many things could sneak by while your garage door is closing without you noticing. A cat could run inside, or a neighbor’s dog.

You could also have small items in the way of the door that you wouldn’t be likely to notice if you were just doing a quick scan of the space or looking behind you in the rearview mirror.

Garage door sensors are low to the ground so they can catch anything that might be blocking the space or that might sneak by the threshold unnoticed. Your local garage door company has experience handling these types of issues.

In fact, sensors should not be installed higher than 6 inches above the ground. The sensors are there to save lives not car bumpers.  


They Enhance Security


Unfortunately, there are many stories of burglars using an open garage door as an opportunity to get inside a house. They wait until you open the door when you come home, and they hunch down and sneak inside before the door closes.

Garage door sensors will detect if someone crosses the path of the door when it is closing. It’s not much, but every little bit counts for your home security and your peace of mind.

Make sure to watch the garage door close all the way when you are either leaving or getting home after a long day. This will ensure that your garage and house are secure and you can be worry free. 


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