Top 3 Reasons Your Garage Door Is Opening By Itself & How To Stop It

Is Your Garage Door Opening Randomly?

Your garage is a main entry point to your home and probably your most frequently used door. When it isn’t working as it should, your home is at risk of a break-in. If your garage door seems to be opening by itself or not working the way it is intended, you’ll want to work with Gilbert same day garage door service to determine the problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible. Here are the top three reasons why your garage door may be opening by itself and how to stop it so your home can remain secure and comfortable.

Is Your Garage Door Opening Randomly In Arizona

Reason #1: Sensor Malfunction

A common reason why a garage door is not closing properly is because the sensor is malfunctioning. Garage doors that were manufactured after 1993 are equipped with safety sensors that sense when something is in the way of a closing door. Older garage doors often have physical sensors, which will trigger the door to reverse if it touches an object. Most modern garage doors have photo eye sensors. If something passes between the sensors, it will trip the sensor and send the door back up.

While these sensors are beneficial because they prevent the garage door from pinning a child, pet, or vehicle underneath the door, they can also be a source of frustration when they aren’t working properly. Sometimes the solution is as simple as removing a piece of grass that has blown in front of the sensor and prevented the door from closing.

When sensors, whatever type your garage door may have, become dirty, worn, or misaligned, they will malfunction. It’s important to keep items stored in your garage away from the sensors. Even grass growing around the base of your garage can trip the sensors. If your garage door is opening by itself, check to make sure that the sensors are working. You’ll want to clear everything out of the area, dust the photo eyes, and make sure they are properly aligned. If you’ve done this troubleshooting but the door still opens unexpectedly, contact a Chandler garage door repairs service for more in depth examination.

Reason #2: Opener Malfunction

Almost all modern garage doors have a keypad opener on the exterior of the garage along with a button on the interior of the garage and multiple remotes. If any of these openers develops a malfunction, you garage door will stop working like it should and may force the door back open. 

When a wall opener button gets dirty, the button can get stuck in the “on” position, resulting in a continuous open-close cycle of the garage door. Your first step is check that button to make sure it is not pressed down and is functioning properly. Wipe the opener button gently with a soft cloth to loosen any debris that might be stuck inside. The same technique can be used on your external keypad and remotes. Never store your remote underneath other items and avoid bumping it so that the buttons stay in good condition. If the door continues to open by itself after you’ve tried cleaning all of the openers, seek professional help from Glendale garage door repair.

Reason #3: Radio Wave Interference

This is another common cause of garage door malfunction and can force your garage door to open unexpectedly, but fortunately, it’s easily fixed by Chandler garage door repair. Keypad units and remote openers use radio frequencies in order to connect and share signal with the automatic opener. However, other local devices, such as a radio, wireless network, or even an appliance, sometimes use the same radio waves. When this happens, they can interfere with your garage door’s operation if they are both tuned to the same frequency. The solution is to remove the radio wave source or reprogram your door. 

A neighbor’s new garage door installation can also be accidentally programmed to the same channel as your garage door. In this situation, someone else could potentially use their opener to open your garage door. Talk to your neighbors and ask them to test their opener on your door. Reprogramming your unit will correct this problem.

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