Top 5 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

A well-maintained and functioning garage door should never have any problem opening or closing. Yet many homeowners have been perplexed when their garage doors just sat there immobile when they pressed the button on their opener.

In some cases, you will need to call a garage door repair service in Gilbert to diagnose your door and figure out what’s causing the problem. In other cases, you may be able to make a simple fix yourself. Here are the top five reasons your garage door may not open:

young woman use remote controller for closing and opening garage door

Blocked Sensor

Most garage doors now come with a sensor that helps to identify when something is in the way of the door – such your car or a child or pet. It’s an important safety feature that can prevent serious injury or damage to your property. However, it can also malfunction and lead to problems for your Gilbert garage door.

If your garage door is not opening, it could be that something is blocking the sensor. The sensor could even just be dirty. Before you call a Gilbert garage door repair service, make sure the sensor is clean and that nothing is blocking its path.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage doors need properly functioning springs to open and close. The springs help the door to move slowly and steadily in the track. If the springs are broken or even rusted, they may not move, and the door may not open.

You need routine garage door maintenance in Tempe to keep your springs oiled and in good health. If you think your springs are behind the problem with your door, call a same day garage door service for a fast fix.

Misaligned Door Track

Your Tempe garage door also needs to be able to glide smoothly in its track to open and close. If the track is clogged or bent, the door will get stuck in that location. The door may even get stuck if the track is loose and rattling with the movement.

You are likely to hear some banging, squealing, or other noise if your garage door track is misaligned. Again, you’ll need to call in a garage door repair service in Tempe if this is the case.

Stripped Gear in the Opener

Your garage door opener is its own system with its own parts and mechanisms. If your garage door isn’t opening, it may not be a problem with the door at all. It may be a problem with the garage door opener. One of the most common problems with garage door openers is a stripped gear.

You won’t be able to diagnose a problem with a garage door opener yourself, and certainly not a stripped gear. If you can’t get to the bottom of what’s going on with your garage door, always call a same day garage door service for inspection.

Computational Error

Garage door openers and remotes have a lot of high-tech components, which can fail. A keypad may become out of sync, a lock mode may have been inadvertently activated, there may be a misadjusted limit setting, and many other issues. These are issues that must be diagnosed and corrected by the proper professionals.

If your garage door is not opening, check to see that your remote has batteries and that there are no obstacles in the way of the sensor. But don’t try to do any other diagnosing on your own! Attempting to do so could get you hurt, and it could result in you overlooking something important. Instead, call a Gilbert garage door repair service you trust to diagnose the problem and make immediate repairs.

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