The Undeniable Benefits Of a Key Fob Garage Door Opener


How a Key Fob Can Make Your Garage Door Opener Handy


Most garage door openers are big, bulky things. They look like little TV remotes, and they have a few buttons to open and close the door and maybe to set an alarm. Many vehicles are designed with a space near the rearview mirror or somewhere on the console to keep the garage door opener handy when coming and going. Some openers come with a clip so they can be attached to a car visor for easy access.

Garage door openers have gotten an upgrade over time, and now, you can get many openers as a key fob that you can carry around with the rest of your house keys. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a key fob for your garage door opener:

How a Key Fob Can Make Your Garage Door Opener Handy In Mesa, AZ

It’s Convenient & Easy To Use When Opening a Garage Door

It’s so easy to fumble with traditional garage door openers. You pull down the visor, and the opener falls off. You poke your hand around the console looking for the opener, and you can’t find it easily, or you knock it to the ground. Forget about actually carrying the garage door opener around with you! You’ll have to search for it in your purse or struggle to carry it with everything else.

When your opener is on a key fob, it will be right at the touch of your fingers. You can move your hand from the steering wheel to your keys, hit a button, and be done. You won’t have to worry about searching for it, or having it get shifted around, or anything else. It will be right where you need it at all times.

You Won’t Lose Your Garage Door Opener

Traditional garage door openers are easy to lose for all the reasons mentioned above. You could knock it under the seat and never realize it. If it’s inside, the kids could be playing with it and lose it behind a piece of furniture with you never knowing it. When you lose it, you have to either pay a lot of money to replace it, or you have to lose the ability to use your garage for a while.

When you have a key fob, you always know where the opener is. You aren’t going to lose the fob unless you lose your keys. Otherwise, you know that your opener is always going to be attached to your key ring, with your other keys, which you use every day.

Your Garage Will Be More Secure

If you lose your garage door opener, it can easily be used as a way to get into your home. Even if you don’t lose the opener, just having it be loose can be a security risk. Anyone could reach into your purse and take it out, or open your car door and take it from the visor. Once they have access to your garage, they have easier access to your home.

By using a key fob opener, you make your home a little more secure. Your keys are likely by your side at all times. Someone is less likely to take the entire key ring or to remove the fob from the ring – and they are less likely to have the opportunity to do so.

Carrying a garage door opener key fob has many advantages to using the traditional, bulky opener. If you are in the market to replace your opener, consider getting a fob to keep the opener closer to you and to keep your home more secure. Some fobs also include advanced technology that make them harder to duplicate or to hack, which makes your garage and your home more secure.

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