What Causes Garage Door Brackets To Break?

Factors That Cause a Garage Door Bracket To Break

A common reason why people contact Gilbert garage door repair service is because there is a problem with their garage door brackets, which can result in a door that doesn’t open or close properly. In other cases, the garage door can even fall off the garage wall.
Garage doors are heavier than they look. In fact, a single residential garage door can weigh over 100 lbs. Doors that are wide enough to accommodate two vehicles can weigh as much as 350 pounds. The entire garage door opening system depends on the strength of small brackets to hold everything in place for proper opening and closing.

Garage Door Bracket in Arizona

What Are Garage Door Brackets?

A garage door and its opening system is made up of several different components that all work together to automatically open and close the door when you press the button on your garage door opener. Brackets are a crucial part of the garage door system that help hold everything together so that the door can slide smoothly up and down the tracks.

Garage door brackets look similar to any other kind of bracket, and their job is to keep the system securely attached to the garage wall. They are typically screwed into the wall and attached to hinges that are held together by a pin. Although garage door brackets may seem like a small part of a garage door system, their proper functioning is crucial if you want your garage door to work as it should. In fact, broken garage door brackets can prevent the entire system from working at all. Most of the time, broken garage door brackets will simply prevent the door from opening or closing as designed, but in severe cases, broken brackets can result in the garage door tracks falling off the garage wall, creating a safety hazard for anyone in the garage, and even risking serious damage to your vehicle or anything else that is stored inside the garage.

If your garage door isn’t opening or closing correctly, or you suspect there is an issue with your garage door brackets, get in touch with Apache Junction same day garage door service for an inspection and repairs.

What Causes Garage Door Brackets To Break?

There can be many reasons why garage door brackets break. Frequent inspection can help you find small problems before they become serious safety hazards. If you aren’t sure whether your garage door system is in good condition or working properly, don’t hesitate to contact Chandler garage door repair for an inspection and servicing.

Some of the reasons why garage door brackets can break include:

Poor Hinge Quality

Some garage door brackets are made with cheap and inferior materials. When a garage door bracket is made of low quality components, they are prone to breakage even from normal use. It’s worth paying a little more upfront when your garage doors are installed for quality hardware and materials so that your garage door system will last for a long time.

Lack Of Maintenance

Many people don’t realize that their garage door system will require occasional maintenance in order to function at its best. This includes periodically oiling the brackets of your garage door. Garage door brackets are usually made with galvanized iron or stainless steel, which means they won’t rust, but adding grease or oil can help lubricate the components so that the entire system functions smoothly. Brackets that are not oiled and cleaned can attract debris such as sand, dust, cobwebs, and other materials, leading to a failure to open or close properly.

If you’re wondering what kind of maintenance your garage door might need, contact your Ahwatukee garage door repair professionals for personalized assistance.

Unbalanced Garage Doors Or Mismatched Brackets

Sometimes, garage doors are cheaply installed with brackets of varying sizes, styles, or materials. This can lead to imbalances from an uneven weight load. Unbalanced garage doors from uneven wear or poor installation is one of the most common reasons why homeowners contact Apache Junction same day garage door service and why garage door brackets can even rip right out of the wall of your garage. Never replace just one garage door bracket; they should always be replaced in sets to maintain the balance of the garage door.

Damage From An Impact

One other reason why garage door brackets can fail is because the garage door tracks have been accidentally bumped by a vehicle, equipment, or activity in the garage. Even a small impact can seriously damage garage brackets and prevent the door from opening or closing properly.

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