When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?


An attractive garage door that is in good working order can significantly add to the value of your home.

Even a 1 percent increase is worth $8,000 if your home is valued at $200,000, so a $2,000 garage door is a good investment.

But even if you aren’t thinking about selling your home, investing in a new garage door can improve your equity and can increase your enjoyment of your home.

replace your garage door


Over time, your garage door may become damaged, or it may suffer cosmetic or functional problems through wear and tear over time.

You may be able to hire garage door professionals to repair it, or you may be better off just replacing it, depending on what the problem is and how much it will cost you to address it.

You should always talk to a garage door professional to get advice specific to your situation. However, here are some common situations in which it is likely better to replace your garage door than to repair it:


You’ve Been Having Problems for a Long Time

You should expect to have to invest in the occasional repair for your garage door over the years.

The door might stop working randomly, it may feel heavier when it’s opening, or it may just be glitchy on the way up or down. These things happen from time to time, and they can usually be corrected.

However, if your garage door is having constant problems or it has been having problems consistently for a long time, it’s probably time to get a new door.

The parts are likely old, and continuing to repair them will only put you more in debt. It’s probably time to cut your losses and start fresh.


The Door Has Been Severely Damaged

Replacing a single section in your garage door can sometimes be worth it. The door could potentially have many years of life left, and the cost of a single panel could end up being far less over that time than the cost of a whole new door.

However, if your door has been severely damaged, you will have to do the calculations to see that replacing the door will be more cost-effective than repairing it.

Your garage door will almost certainly be damaged over time.

You might get a hail storm that leaves some dents in it, or your teen driver might get too close and bump into it when parking in the driveway. Those types of incidents are typically going to result in minor damage that can be repaired.

On the contrary, if a car hits the door a little harder or a huge branch hits it, chances are that there will be major damage that will require a door replacement.


You Want To Help Your Energy Bills

You may not think of your garage door as a source of energy use, but it is. Even that small motor powering your door can use up a lot of energy. A lot of newer garage doors are designed to be energy efficient, depending if they are equipped with insulation. 

There are some amazing options for garage door insulations. Contact your local Phoenix garage door professionals for a free estimate to replace your garage door.


The Door Does Not Have Safety Features

All modern garage door openers are designed with safety in mind.

They have motion sensors so that they stop and reverse if something is in the way of the door – such as a golf bag that has been knocked over or, worse, your child who was playing with the buttons.

Even if you don’t have children, this is still an important feature. Having this feature will also protect you from liability when others are on the property.

If you have an older garage door and opener that does not have such safety features, you should consider replacing it. People, pets, and expensive cars are all at risk if you have a door that will just keep coming down no matter what is in its way.


You’ve Experienced a Home Break In

Robbers like to break into homes through the garage door. Some are easier to open than others. Some are left unlocked.

Sometimes, robbers just bust through the door because they know the door from the garage into the house is likely to be left unlocked.

A lot of homeowners consider the garage door to be the only line of defense into that portion of their homes.

Unfortunately, robbers have many tools that make it easier than ever for them to break into homes through garage doors. 

That means that you should always be locking that inside door and using extra security measures. But if you do have a break in, more often than not the door ends up severely damaged.

Don’t think that you are past the worst just because the theft is over. Robbers do hit the same houses again, so you are not out of the clear.


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Your garage door is an important feature of your home. Make sure you are taking care of it by getting regular maintenance.

If your door is past the point that maintenance or repair will be helpful, you need to consider getting a new door to protect the investment you have in your home.

The professionals at Same Day Garage Door Services in Arizona can help. We repair and replace garage doors, depending on what you need.

Our professionals will let you know if the repair will be easy and inexpensive or if you are better off replacing the door entirely. We provide new doors, or we install doors that you have purchased separately.

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