Your Garage Door Cables Broke? Here’s What You Should Do 

Garage Door Wire Repair Recommendations

Garage door cables are essential for your garage system because they are strong enough to lift and lower the garage door. Your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds, so you can imagine how strong those garage door cables are. However, they are not invincibles, so they wear, fray, or break over time.

If that happens to you, the best is to contact an Ahwatukee garage repair service. But, before calling the professional service, make sure to follow some of the recommendations we give in this article.

Repairing a garage door system in Arizona

How Do My Garage Door Cables Work?

Garage door cables are not always the same. There are different types of cables depending on the garage door type and the springs installed. The two most common types are lift cables and retaining cables. Both are made of strands of galvanized wires. 

Lift cables are installed with torsion springs and attached to the bottom corner of the door, helping to counterbalance the mechanism. 

Retaining cables work with extension springs and they are installed vertically along each side of the garage door. These cables prevent springs from flying off when they break. 


Why Do My Garage Door Cables Break? 

These cables work every time your garage door is operated. They work with a system of pulleys or wind on a cable drum. This system may wear or break from use over time, or deteriorate from humidity in the environment. 

A pulley may suffer from faulty bearings that accelerate the wear. The door may be out of adjustment and ruin the cable that rubs on other hardware items.

Many factors can contribute to a broken garage door cable. A garage door repair service in Fountain Hills is the best to determine what exactly made your cables break in the first place.

Visual checkups will often allow the cable to be quickly replaced before it fails. You can speed contribute to this process by looking for signs of corrosion, rust, or excessive damage. 


Can I Still Use The Garage Door With a Broken Cable?

Water and moisture near the bottom sides of the door, corrosion, and damaged pulley can degrade the cables. However, wear and tear are the most common causes of broken cables.

If you have broken tables, avoid using your garage door because it can cause more harm than good, leading to costly repairs. 

We emphasize not using a garage door that has broken cables. Doing this places a lot of tension on the remaining cables, and may cause them to send the door crashing down. 

If the damaged cable makes your door become stuck in an open position, call an emergency garage door technician immediately. Stay in the place until the technician arrives. 


What Should I Do?

Remember that a garage door is counterbalanced by springs to resist the weight of the door per sé, so you should not use the door. You should call a Phoenix garage door repair service instead.

Depending on where the broken cable is, you may not see it, but you can detect some signs. For example, your garage door is lifting unevenly or moving faster than usual. Another example is your door looking crooked when closing or opening. It could also be making squeaking noises. 

If you cannot lift the door manually, there’s a high chance of a broken cable. 

We insist on calling a garage door repair professional and avoid a DIY fix. Otherwise, you could be seriously injured. 


Preventive Tips

Regular maintenance can reduce the risk of broken cables. These are some of the best recommendations to keep your garage door and cables in good condition:

  • Inspect cables to avoid the buildup of debris, kinks, or frays.
  • Lubricate your garage door cables and springs once every few months.
  • Replace older garage door parts when they stop working properly.

By following these recommendations, your garage door will run more smoothly and will put less strain on the garage door cables. It will also improve the longevity and efficiency of your garage door. 


Should I Contact a Gilbert Garage Repair Service?

The safest when a garage door cable fails is to contact a top-rated garage repair service. At Same Day Garage Door Service, we offer premium attention to all clients, ensuring their garage doors receive the care they deserve. We can help you with broken cables, broken springs, loud noises, damaged sections, and garage door installations. Contact us now if you want to know more about us!



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