Bent Garage Doors Tracks: Common Causes & How To Fix Them


3 Common Things That Could Cause Your Garage Door Tracks To Become Bent Or Damaged 


Your garage door tracks create a pathway in which your door moves up and down. The door moves on rollers within that track, ensuring that it stays in the right location and that it moves smoothly.

If the garage door tracks are bent or misaligned, the garage door will not work properly, and it could even become a safety liability.


bent garage door track


If your garage door is not opening and closing properly, you may have a bent track. But do not attempt to diagnose or repair this yourself. Contact a garage door repair service as soon as possible to determine the source of the problem and to correct it.

Here are a few of the things that could cause your garage door tracks to become bent or damaged:



Any Item Could Get The Tracks Blocked & Easily Bend Them 


Typically the space between the garage door tracks and the walls are not that wide. It is easy for something like a rake or broom to tip over and get lodged between the track and opening and block the path of the garage door.

If you do not notice that the tracks are blocked, you might try using the garage door; and the garage door could push on the item causing damage. The damage could include bending the tracks, the garage door to come off the tracks, or many times , both of these will happen. 



A Broken or De-tensioned Cable Could Leave The Garage Door Unlevel 


Your garage door is equipped and functions with the use of a torsion system that includes cables that are attached to the door. These cables are under immense tension and keep the door level as it is moving up and down.

If one of the cables loses tension (typically caused by something preventing the door from closing), it will cause the garage door to become misaligned. One of the garage door sides will become lower than the other side due to gravity pulling it down, while the other side is getting pulled up from tension on the other cable.

This will result in the corners of the garage door to push against the tracks which can cause the garage door tracks to become bent or misaligned. This is called a “hung door” in the garage door industry.

hung garage door

Fortunately, this is the kind of thing you would notice immediately, so you can call a garage door repair service right away. Just don’t try to use or fix your garage door while you are waiting for the service!

Call a same day garage door repair service to speed the repair process along so you’re not stuck with a door that wont open or close!



Different Number Of Accidents Can Damage & Bend Your Garage Door Tracks


There are a number of accidents that can damage your garage door tracks. The most common accidents occur when someone accidentally hits the tracks or the door with their car; usually because they misjudged the clearance, or were too eager to back out of their garage before the door was opened all the way!

Other common accidents could include having some storage shelving or boxes in the way that jam up the door while is is moving. A lot of times, people are moving some things on a shelf and not realize that something fell of during the organizing, and whatever fell could lock up a side of the door to prevent smooth functionality. 


Can Tracks Be Fixed?


In a lot of instances, damaged garage door tracks can be repaired by pulling and manipulating them back into their original form. Garage door technicians often have track reshaping tools that can be inserted into a small section of the track so the track can be hammered back into shape. 

However, if the damage is severe enough, the bent track may need to be replaced. Our technicians carry universal vertical tracks that are compatible with most garage door manufacturers’ doors. 


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You can do your part to make sure that the area around the garage door is clear and free from obstruction. This will help prevent potential catastrophic damage. Always ensure your garage door is safe!

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