Bent Garage Doors Tracks: Common Causes & How To Fix Them


4 Common Things That Could Cause Your Garage Door Tracks To Become Bent Or Damaged 

Your garage door tracks create a pathway in which your door moves up and down. The door moves on rollers within that track, ensuring that it stays in the right location and that it moves smoothly. If the garage door tracks are bent or misaligned, the garage door will not work properly, and it could even become a safety liability.

If your garage door is not opening and closing properly, you may have a bent track. But do not attempt to diagnose or repair this yourself. Contact a garage door repair service as soon as possible to determine the source of the problem and to correct it.

Here are a few of the things that could cause your garage door tracks to become bent or damaged:

Common Things That Could Cause Your Garage Door Tracks To Become Bent Or Damaged In Gilbert, AZ.

Any Item Could Get The Tracks Blocked & Easily Bend Them  

Garage door tracks are not that wide. It is easy for something to get lodged inside them and block the path of the garage door. For example, your children may be playing in the garage and cram a toy inside the track. Or some rock might get thrown into the tracks from your car’s tires.

If you do not notice that the tracks are blocked, you will keep using the garage door, and the rollers could further lodge the item into the tracks. The pressure of the rollers trying to push through the item could actually cause the tracks to become bent instead.

Broken Cable Or Drum Could Leave The Garage Door Unsupported  

Your garage door is held up and operated by a series of cables and drums. These can break down with time or because of poor quality. If they do break, they can leave the garage door unsupported. The door can come crashing down with a great deal of weight and tension, which can cause the garage door tracks to become bent or misaligned.

Fortunately, this is the kind of thing you would notice right away, so you can call a garage door repair service right away. Just stop using your garage door while you are waiting for the service. Call a same day garage door repair service to speed that along.

Different Number Of Accidents Can Damage & Bent Your Garage Door Tracks

There are a number of accidents that can damage your garage door tracks. The most common accident occurs when someone accidentally hits the tracks with their car, usually because they misjudged the clearance.

Sometimes, the accident is caused by hitting the door itself with your car, which causes the door to pull on the tracks and cause them to become bent out of shape. The door can be hit from inside or outside the garage to cause this type of damage.

Age Could Damage Your Garage Door Tracks

Over time, your garage door can suffer a lot of damage from routine wear and tear, gradual deterioration through exposure to the elements, and just the general breakdown of the components. Nothing is made to last forever – and certainly not your garage door or its components. Garage door tracks are especially susceptible to rust and corrosion, which can make them weaken and become bent with routine use. You can delay that by performing consistent maintenance on your garage door, but you can’t prevent it forever.

Bent or misaligned tracks may seem like a relatively minor problem, especially if the door can still move through the tracks, albeit grudgingly. However, bent or misaligned tracks are actually a serious problem that require immediate attention. Continuing to use the door with these damaged tracks can lead to a major malfunction with the door that could result in serious damage to your property or serious injury to someone you love. Call a garage door repair service if you notice any signs of trouble that could indicate you have a bent or misaligned door track.

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