Can I Use an Old Garage Door Track When Installing a New Garage Door?


Why You Should Reconsider Using an Old Track With Your New Garage Door


From a novice’s perspective, it may seem logical to keep the old garage door tracks when installing a new garage door, especially if they are in good condition. While this idea may slightly reduce your initial costs, it may not work over time, and you could even spend more money on frequent repairs.

Many homeowners are tempted to install their new garage doors in Chandler and in the Phoenix Valley on their old tracks, but they fail to consider the safety dangers of their choice.

You can reuse your old tracks in some cases. However, you should consider the following facts before jumping at the opportunity of saving a few bucks:


old garage door track


Garage Door Tracks May Only Work With Specific Doors


If you are installing a new brand door, or even a different style from the same brand as your old door, the previous track you had may not fit with the new garage door. Thickness and weight are crucial in determining the type of track your garage door needs, so you cannot use any track.

The old garage door tracks may not support your new garage door if it is heavier or thicker than the old one. In some cases, it may pose a safety issue.

Your garage door has factory presets that work with specific garage door tracks. You may be able to adjust your current tracks, but even so, they can still misalign and cause your door to stop moving.

In short, your old track only worked for your old garage door. It may not be the best item to manage your new garage door.

Always have an expert garage door repair service in Ahwatukee and the greater Phoenix area install garage doors with new tracks to avoid safety hazards and damage to your garage door.


Old Garage Door Parts May Pose a Safety Threat


Your tracks may warp, bend, or deform from damage, leading to dangerous situations in your garage door system. If you have to replace the garage door itself, you may need to replace the garage door track too.

Keeping your garage door system in good condition is the best you can do to prevent painful accidents and help your system to work properly.

Garage doors usually come with their unique offsets. These offsets indicate the distance the door has from the garage wall before it closes. Most manufacturers prepare a pre-set system of brackets, although you can buy some models with adjustable jamb brackets.

We mention these parts because they are crucial for your garage door just like door tracks. Similarly, you should replace them once you decide to replace your garage door. Avoid using the same old parts for a new installation.


Deteriorating Tracks Can Damage Your Property


To avoid calling a local garage door repair service frequently, use new tracks when installing your new door, especially if you want to avoid accidents on your property.

Old and damaged tracks may cause your garage door to fall. This may damage your new garage door, your vehicle, or even part of your property.

Although using old tracks seems like a good idea to save money, repairing or replacing items like your vehicle is more expensive than simply replacing old tracks.


New Tracks Can Reduce Sound & Wear


Tracks and rollers make your garage door move smoothly as long as they are in good condition. These components work in tandem with one another, so if one is dirty or damaged, the other suffers too.

Maintain your tracks to stay updated, clean, and free from dirt and dust so the rollers move smoothly and reduce operating noise and wear.

You can do this by using a rag to clean any debris that may be in the tracks and use lubricant on the stems of the rollers so that they move freely. You do not need to lubricate the tracks, the rollers need friction to move properly. 


Hire a Trusted & Top-Rated Gilbert Garage Door Repair Company


If you are still unsure of what to do, contact Same Day Garage Door Services, a licensed, bonded, and five-star-rated garage repair company in the Greater Phoenix Valley. We offer high-quality door installation or repair at a great price, so feel free to contact us now to request an estimate.



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